Ideas and Validation March 29, 2020

Demoed my product for free and it received a lot of positive feedback - should I pursue monetizing it?


I created a tool that I had a need for myself and posted it to Reddit completely for free. It became the top post of the month on its particular subreddit and had over 1500 up-votes with tons of people thanking me. Honestly, it felt really nice.

Lately I have been wanting to start a side-project and realized that I potentially already had an idea with great market feedback. Do you think this is enough feedback for me to pursue adding more features to this product and charging for it?


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    Hold on a second. It's great that you have a useful product that people love. But that doesn't necessarily mean you have a product that is going to be good to build a business around. You haven't proven yet that you have a product people will pay for. That's different.

    I think you first should figure out if any of your customers are using your product to make money. If they're using it to make money, they might be willing to pay you for your product. If they aren't, I'd think twice about turning it into a business.

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      This is some great feedback. I'd listen to yj on this one. However, it is also hard to gauge what to tell you because we don't know what you worked on.

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    Not sure what kind of feedback you expect when anything about the product is said, link to the reddit post at least?
    Anyway, yeah, if you feel idea is validated, go with your plan.

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    rather than turning your product into a paid thing why not create a community around the product and in the future as features are added offer a paid version with those features. or if you build a really big community you might be able to offer it for free and monetize it in another way!!

    People quickly want to create something and sell it. this is focused on your needs whereas if you create a community around your product then in time you'll create something that serves the community and I bet all kinds of paid offerings will come from that!

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    I am saying in the air that, go for it.

    Honestly, If I don't know the idea or product I can only say go for it.

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