Landing Page Feedback December 2, 2019

Deployed my company landing page and blog

Dan Willoughby @plainice

I know I still need to work on the company landing page. Right now it just shows some products. I spent more work on the blog though and was wondering what others think.

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    The "pefect" title is perfect :)

    And your blog post is extremely important. You write about your personal situation, but i think this "not-releasing" is one of the most critical problems in startup community.

    However, in general I disagree with the root cause of "not-releasing". I don't think it's mainly about perfectionism, but about fear. Fear that nobody likes your baby product. And that fear gets channeled to doing one more feature, or anything else that postpones the pain of "failed launch". And that gets mistaken as perfectionism.

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    Good stuff!
    Is the title of the blog supposed to say "Perfect" instead of "Pefect"?

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      I think that's the joke. ;)

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        Ah! :facepalm:

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    Hey Dan - thanks for sharing! I looked at the blog and think that a good overlay on the featured blog post image would help create better contrast so that the text could be read more easily.

    In the about section I would introduce more padding.

    Was this the type of feedback you were hoping for? I want to make sure I address what you are asking for feedback on. Let me know if there's something specific you'd like thoughts on!

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      Yes that is what I was looking for. There are certain things that I can no longer see because I've been staring at it as is for so long, but when you mentioned it, it totally makes sense to make those changes.

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    Just wanted to let you know that I read what you wrote. Good work sharing! (I think many of us can relate to being held back from sharing/publishing/launching due to overthinking)

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      Thanks so much for reading and commenting! I am definitely someone who overthinks things :)

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