Growth April 5, 2020

Describe Your Startup In Less Than 10 Words 🔥

Yugen @yugen

Mention the link to your startups/products so people can explore 🚀 Like this post so other's can see it on the top 🔥

  1. 5 - Live stock alerts so you wake up when it matters most.

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    Incubator List - A curated list of the best startup accelerator and incubator programs

    Episolo - Platform connecting solo founders with startup mentors

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    Free all-in-one management tool for freelancers.

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      Cool project. Personally, I'd write “The” instead of “Free”.

      Free signals lower quality. You want people to think it's the best tool! And then, you mention it's free...

      With Marketing Examples I don't say “free marketing examples”. I say “the finest marketing examples)”

      Free comes after The. Could be wrong.

      1. 2

        Ah, nice. Good point. I probably choose "Free" because I know freelancers - especially those that are starting out - doesn't always have that much money, and free might be very appealing to them.

        So people googling "Free time tracking" or "Free invoicing for freelancers" etc. I want to be seen by those. But yea, I might do the "The all-in-one.." instead cause of the reasons you mention 👍

        1. 1

          I see your logic :)

          Perhaps worth going on Google Search Console and seeing how much traffic you pick up from “Free time tracking ...”

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    80% of the power of Google Analytics, 20% of the difficulty 📈

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      Love the privacy first. 👍 I have been thinking about how to deal with the cookies in my projects (& other privacy/gdpr issues)... Will definitely give it a go!

      1. 1

        Thanks! Let me know if you need help or if you have any question :)

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    Read a book. Learn a language.

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    Trying something new a few descriptions pick which one you like -

    • SaaS focused landing page and website builder
    • B2B landing page and website builder
    • B2B conversion focused landing page and website builder
    • B2B landing page and website builder focused on conversions
    1. 2

      3 and 4 are too wordy. I'd go for number 1 or 2.

      I just wrote this title. Not sure if it's good. Maybe it will spark something:

      “The easiest way to build a SaaS website”

    2. 1

      I'd say 1. But making it sound a bit more awesome :-) What's particularly cool about it? Is it simplicity?

      1. 1

        Simple to start. Can build and publish a website in less than 30 minutes.

        But it also grows with you because it is super flexible with features such as code editor, blogging CMS andforms.

        You can build a site that has 100s of pages and blog posts all hosted on AWS.

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    Tracktions - consciously change your habits by tracking and analyzing your actions.

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    Enjoyable Analytics and A/B testing -

  9. 3

    Super simple invoicing app for freelancers -

  10. 3

    Search the web without worrying about getting tracked online - Snap Search

  11. 2 - Keep your real email hidden from undesirable emails.

  12. 2 Built your immersive virtual visit from a few snapshots

  13. 2 - You Develop, we Test! A Testing As A Service platform

  14. 2 - Build checkout popups and funnels for any landing page

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      Ooooo. I like this idea

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    Shopify for Telegram

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    SaaS Boilerplate helping indie hackers launch at warp speed:

  17. 2 - Podcast Editing starting at 40 cents per published minute.

  18. 2 List of visa free, visa on arrival and visa required countries you can visit

  19. 2

    Automatically Remove Invalid Email Addresses Before They Become a Problem -

  20. 2

    Create stunning 3D-Mockups in seconds.

  21. 2

    Boots your marketing campaigns on Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook stories with Flamingo Filter custom generated filters.

  22. 2

    Learn how to get better at marketing with 1x email a week. Zero to Marketing

    1. 2

      good copy. nice and simple. maybe “one” instead of “1x”.

      You're making people translate “1x” into “one”. Which is an extra step (albeit a small one).

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    StatusGator is a status page aggregator and notification service.

  24. 2

    Create your own private Dropbox at home in one click

    1. 1

      Hope you don't mind: when I read "Dropbox", I think "Cloud Storage". The "at home" then confuses me. Not really sure what it does then. "Access your USB stick from anywhere"?

      1. 1

        No worries! Thanks for the feedback! It gives you your own private cloud. So your data and files are not stored on someone else's datacenter, but on your own private storage. You get the same functionalities and user experience/ease of use as a full Dropbox: store your files, backup, file sharing, versioning, access from anywhere.

        How does it work? Download the app on your devices, plug any USB key to your internet router, and that's it!

        Does that make more sense?

        1. 2

          Yes. I had no idea that routers had USB ports! I like the idea, good luck to you!

          1. 1

            Thank you!:-)

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    We create reliable automation tests for your web app

  26. 1

    Https:// - legal help for all

  27. 1 - We are creating the Hydroshirt, on-the-go hydration for runners.

  28. 1

    Betmingo: Las Vegas Casino table minimums and more! (

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    Invocial - We believe everyone's an influencer 👉

  30. 1 - Save time selling on peer to peer marketplaces.

  31. 1

    Subsail — Powering subscriptions for independent magazines.
    Charged (coming soon) — Native comments for Ghost blogs.

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    2 WORDS: "Animate Anything!"

    2 WORDS: "Shareable Tweets!"

  33. 1 - Store, distribute and view your drawings online.

  34. 1 - Search and compare companies based on employee benefits.

  35. 1

    Weekly Spotify playlist tracker and curated music news.

  36. 1

    File sharing for your online courses.

  37. 1

    Marketplace for buying and selling saas projects -

  38. 1 - Manage user' feedback and share product development

  39. 1 - the habit trainer app you was always looking for

  40. 1

    Understand the world through simulations -

  41. 1

    Work From Home.

  42. 1 - I publish interviews of women building profitable businesse

    And by the way I also publish stories of brands killing it in growth

    Here’s an example

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    Direct customers to a checkout page via payment URL -

  44. 1 - the most easy to use signup form

  45. 1

    Open Source System-On-Chip(SOC) down to VLSI layer with GPU drivers.

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    Interviews in front of the world.

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    Spotlight - The powerful notification bar that actually helps convert customers.

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    Get notified whenever your startup is mentioned online

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    Learn CSS while playing with its properties — Grab n'go CSS editor

  50. 1 Hosted blogging platform that emphasizes content ownership, community, and hassle-free publishing

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    One on one meeting software for managers leading remote teams

  52. 1

    Real-time organization and collaboration tool for remote teams. (no signup required)

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    🦉 Owwly - Discover new startups & share your product's progress

  54. 1

    CanisHub is a DIY Hyper-Personalization & Marketing Automation suite for retail brands.

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    User feature idea voting and feedback platform -

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    Accurately and efficiently assess developers' real-world coding abilities:

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    We help build trust in couples by building accountability

    1. 1

      Link? I like this description and would like to learn more.

      1. 1

        Unfortunately I'm not far enough along to have a website yet! Do you have any questions or thoughts about the idea?

        1. 1

          I've been brainstorming some ideas for couples more focused on pre-marital. Been thinking a lot about how to make it actionable (not just content consumption), so I like the idea of a tool that would build accountability by enabling more "doing."

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    Ultimate resource hub for all things WordPress.

  59. 1

    Discover great resources for makers and startup founders.

  60. 1

    Open source project & innovation management system

  61. 1

    A.I. powered super personalized article reading app.

  62. 1

    The first online do-it-yourself naming tools

  63. 1

    Real world marketing examples

    Marketing Examples

  64. 1

    Community-lead micro finance for hackers and entrepreneurs.

    Explained the rationale for the project here.

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    Unified dashboard for advertising campaigns across multiple platforms.

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    Https:// - affordable email delivery service / SMTP provider

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    Create simple charts super fast!

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    Unlimited web development for a small fixed monthly fee.

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    Give your application a sense of time with 🔮 Crono.

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    Create and grow your online marketplace in minutes. -

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    Adblock for internet distractions - Baitblock (

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    Find Jobs & Companies by Culture

    Find Problems That Are Worth Solving!

  73. 1

    The first online business forum in Greece

    1. 2

      Even though I don’t understand the language, I do like the layout. Is this a custom made template?

      1. 1

        Thanks, yes i have built everything from scratch, with Python-Flask

        1. 2


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    Easily unsubscribe from unwanted emails 💌

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