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Worked out a ton of issues on our little studio homepage for my premium design on demand idea and built this fun calculator for prospective clients: what do you all think? https://www.trypixel.co/get-a-quote (this side hustle is $15K MRR) supper fun! Love branding projects

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    @borderbabe2412 I'm confused, is PixelCo an idea like you say or active business($15k mmr)? I've sent a mail after checking out the 'Carrers' page and got 'doesn't exist' mail back :)

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      Ohh jeeze ! let me fix this - its a new active business - started in Dec 2018. We onboarded 12 or so clients in the past 3 months (hopeing for more!) - gosh yes let me fix that one moment.

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    Hi Taylor, looks great. Very clean and the calculator is intuitive. Out of interest - what code/service did you use to build and embed the calculator?

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      Yes! so the entire site is built in Webflow (since that is what we specialize in) we have some custom code there that helps populate the calculator and form.

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    I like the interface, clean and intuitive.

    My problem is with the # of revisions, # of concepts. Because if I am able to express my needs well, and then you nail it on the 1st try, then I want zero revisions and 1 concept. If the first 3 concepts are off the mark, then I want 4. It is very difficult to estimate upfront. What happens if I pay for 3 revisions and it only takes 2, do I get a refund?

    I've worked with many different designers for different projects, and these were never questions that were asked up front.

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      Awesome advice - so concepts are mainly for logos. When we are asked for a logo for example clients will say, "hey we want to see 20 + concepts and then choose 2 of them, then finally choose 1." Its painful for us to do that many and toss most of them, so we put that little slider in place so that the client can say, okay lets just have 4 or 6 really good concepts (each concept is only 200 bucks more, so not a ton... right, but makes them think about it.) at least that was our thought. We might get rid of it

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    What a great idea! I feel there's often a lack of transparency with branding/design pricing and this helps fix that. It could also pre-empt the "why does it cost so much?" questions when people can see how revisions and concepts influence the price.

    Speaking of which, for new customers it might help to indicate the recommended number of revisions and concepts, or the number that most projects require.

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      We just added this! great tip thank you so much

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        Strange, I'm not seeing this for revisions and concepts. Perhaps it's a caching issue with my browser.

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      +1 for some recommended values. If it was my first time using this service, I wouldn't have any idea what to select.

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    Cool! Easy to view and understand

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