May 15, 2019

Desperate Plea for Beta Users

Christopher Pedersen @topherPedersen

Dear fellow Indie Hackers,

I'm in desperate need of beta users for my new web-app It's a personal finance app for people like myself that are:

  1. Bad with Money

  2. Live Paycheck-to-Paycheck

  3. Sort of Just 'Eyeball' Their Bank Account Balance

The idea behind the project is that users can easily monitor their spending habits and identify areas of wasteful spending to get a better control on their personal finances. In my first month using the prototype I saved $600! Turns out I was spending a ridiculous amount of money on Tinder each month boosting my profile... whoops =\

Anyway, If anyone wants to check it out I would greatly appreciate it. However, this isn't a one-sided proposition. You can really use this thing to save hundreds (maybe thousands?) of dollars each month. For example, in the past I really didn't know how much money I was spending each month or day to day. But now, I know exactly how much money I'm spending every month and every day, and it's greatly affecting my spending habits for the better.

Best regards,

topherPedersen, Indie Hacker @

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    So i visited the page

    1st impression...

    maybe i would have signed up...IF you let me see the app..instead of forcing me to sign up

    I really hate that .

    You didnt hook me...there was no special why should i sign up for something ..I may may or may not use YET AGAIN ?

    You say you can help me save money..then show me that..sell me..then ask for the sign up

    Never say your makes potential customers ask themselves..if this app is so good..then why is Chris desperate for users ?

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      SUPERViLLAiN, how would you like me to show you (and other potential users) the app? Add a video to the signup/login screens?

      1. 4

        A demo video would be dont have to show everything
        I am a new Yorker...I am cautious...everday my email is full of spam from IH'ers who have sold my info after I have signed said you can help me save me something..some video testimonials from users would be nice

      2. 1

        I came here to say exactly what SUPERViLLAiN did. Here's a personal finance app that shows me what it does on the homepage:

        Still images & videos. (I prefer stills.)

  2. 2

    Video, Testflight Sign up, Something. I need something more than a form.

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    Post it to Show HN

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      Thanks for the suggestion burtonator! Everyone hates the site right now, so I guess I need to fix a few things before I relaunch =\. Received a lot of good feedback here and from coworkers, so will make sure to relaunch on HN after I add all the stuff people are saying I need to add.

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    I signed up but then got a little worried to link my bank account, I've worked with plaid before but I'd add some messaging around how safe it is.

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      Thanks for the feedback jonny! Going to try and take all of the suggestions here and roll it into my Version 2.

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    Chris! Why isn't some of this information on the page you are linking too? I get no idea as to what your site does by visiting it.

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      Thanks for the feedback Chuck! Going to try and add all of this stuff to my landing page for V2 (coming soon).

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    Hey Chris, awesome to see you putting something out there! I tried to sign up but unfortunately got this error after submitting the form: "ERROR: PC LOAD LETTER" (Firefox 65.0, Ubuntu 16.04)

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      Are you sure you were on the sign-up page and not the login page? Sometimes the site does crash occasionally, but I believe its working right now. Did a few test signups to make sure.

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        Ah gotcha, signup worked!

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    What happens if someone fills out the form?

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      If you fill out the signup form ( to create your account you will be immediately signed into the app and directed to the main page just like if you were logging in normally. Then you can click the "Add Account" button to link your bank account(s) and start using the app.