Landing Page Feedback September 22, 2020

🔥Destroy our Landing Page🔥 -> I'll do the same


Hey IHers,

I'm looking for some hot discussion around landing pages. It would be great to know if you get what our product is about and if you could honestly kill our hopes 😇

Does it make you want to join the waitlist?

I'd love to destroy your landing page or MVP in exchange.

Thank you all!!

  1. 1
    • First impression: Fancy animation, great design
    • Focusing a button creates an ugly border. A shadow-outline like TailwindUI or Bootstrap might look nice. You can inspect my buttons to see what I mean.
    • I looked for a Pricing link, found none
    • Screenshot looks kind of blurry. Not sure if an svg is possible though.
    • Value proposition is immediately clear
    • Icon looks kind of bad, not sure what to make of it. Maybe svg would improve it?
    • I dont like the accent color
    • The blue text underline is a cool concept, but too pronounced imo. Maybe increase the opacity?
    • feedback is singular, "Try today our analytics" -> "Try our analytics today". Maybe run the page through Grammarly
    • Concept looks interesting, I'm waiting :). However, this was more out of curiosity than out of pain.
    • I think I should be exactly your target audience, but as others said, the pain points aren't adressed.
    • I added a device frame around my video, maybe you can use something like this. Find out how: My Medium Post

    Here's my page: Tag My Knowledge

    1. 2

      Thanks for the great feedback!! I looked at your product:

      • The landing page is really well designed, brief enough, and catchy. However, I believe there's too much text in the descriptive section - I couldn't really get out why should I use your product instead of (Notion) for example.

      • Maybe consider adding a competitive review highlighting what you do better?

      It's really interesting that you launched your product already and I would love to hear more about your experience and how you set up your strategy to launch and grow!

      Would you be available for a quick chat anytime? :-)
      you can see my calendar here

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    Hey @federicop, nice web. The look and feel is really nice. The MVP looks promising, we have joined the wait list :-)

    The only thing that's not very clear is how are you going to help create a web page that converts. Also, in the section of generating traffic, it is not clear the value of going to growthlyapp vs going directly to FB ads.

    In general, it's super cool.

    Feel free to roast our project: Also, if you know an e-commerce that might be interested in a Recommendation System, we are paying for referrals.


    1. 1

      Hey @rcmy, thanks a lot for your feedback and for trusting us!

      your product is really interesting, I've personally worked at e-commerce before and completely understand the pain you want to solve.

      I don't understand much, why the shoes on the left? I would say you could showcase your product (dashboard etc) and I would definitely be interested to try it out!

      Would you be available for a 10-15min call to get to know better your experience?
      I would also love to tell you more about our product and hear from you! :-)

      You can book a call at this link anytime:

      1. 1

        awesome, I have just booked a meeeting

  3. 1

    Hi @federicop,

    I like how clean everything is, and darkmode, you got me, I love it :D

    So I see three points worth criticising:

    1. I don't feel the pain: Of course if I think more about it, I might get to it. But try to make it brutaly clear! Maybe change the Hero element on top.
    2. As much as I like how little text you use, maybe think about adding some more again. With your three steps what you are doing, honestly I didn't get it in the first place. I mean, the points are obvious, but what steps are you doing, or are just giving a guide to me, or are you gonna build my landing page?
    3. The "not feeling ready section" wasn't that inviting to me personally. And normally as a normal user I would stopped scrolling as soon as I hit FAQ. Though I like the main idea behind this section, maybe you can optimize that text somehow.

    Some more nit picking:

    • Does the last image (bottom right) not render for me or is there none?
    • The top bar looks quite big in my opinion.

    Would love to hear your feedback at my thread as well: Mage Feedback Exchange :)

  4. 1

    hi @federicop I was doing my weekly landing page feedback live-stream today, I tried to give you some honest feedback and I've highlighted a few areas of improvement. Check it out: - with timestamps!

    1. 1

      Really loved the way you walked through the landing page. Really helpful! We carefully reviewed our structure and would appreciate your view.

      Thank you 🙏🏻

      1. 1

        Much much better! and quick turnaround :) Now add social proof!

        1. 1

          looking forward to getting the first feedback once we are live! any tips of how to tackle this ?

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    I think you're kinda promising too much. Growthly makes it simple for founders to find their target audience, validate their ideas and automate their marketing strategies. I mean I know at least 10 products that do each of these things separately :)

    1. 1

      You were right, we were definitely missing our core point and the problem we are trying to solve. Would love to hear your comment on our revised landing page.

      Thank you a lot 🙏🏻

  6. 1

    No Favicon.

    I'm gonna try my best to kill your hopes, really. It's going to be nitt-picky, because I like the overall cleanness. But it didn't make me wanna join the waitlist, because you didn't provide enough hints what I'll be waiting for. As hatkyinc already mentioned. I'll point out extreme ones.

    • First things first, there is no favicon. Logo is also is somehow not aligned vertically.
    • "Discover your audience. Market your product." Do one thing and do it well. It says it does two things and in the description there is third (validate). Header could be improved with a single sentence.
    • Images on "Automate your marketing" section didn't explain me a thing. [🔗+🅵]*3
    • Instead of giving me something else I need to worry "Discover our Validation Playbook" I want to reach my customers not to discover or learn another tool, could be changed as "Validation Playbook".
    • And the order is kinda odd, automate marketing > find audience > discover playbook
    • "Why Growthly?" section is unnecessarily complicated, you had the the description "Identify your target audience. Reach the audience most likely to convert into customers" both in image and under the title. And images are not sharp.
    • "Stop failing. Build something people wants" I'd rather to use only "Stop Failing" as header. It's more catchy to me.

    and that's where I bored to keep scrolling.

    1. 1

      Very helpful analysis! we took carefully your words and updated accordingly. Would love to hear what you think about our updated page.

      Thank you 🙏🏻

  7. 1

    it's fairly generic, you promise me the world but tell me nothing about what you offer, the only think I find the product does is 'Launch Facebook ads'

    1. 1

      We completely redefined the wording, really appreciated your comment!!
      Would love to hear your thoughts on our updated page.

      Thank you 🙏🏻

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