Looking to Partner Up March 16, 2019

Dev looking for a product to build on the side

Diogo Beda @diogobeda

Hi there, I'm a full-stack developer with 8 years of experience looking for cool products to build on the side, that can eventually become a lifestyle business.
Apart form architecting and building web applications, I have some experience leading teams and doing DevOps.
I do mostly JavaScript and Elixir, but I have also done Ruby, Go, C# and I could pick up any other stack.

If you have a cool idea and miss the coding skills, don't hesitate to email me and let's talk about it.


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    I have a project ready to partner with you on...

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    Currently building https://shipseptember.com/ to help people ship a product in 1 month if that takes your fancy : )

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    I am building socialbu.com and also looking for a dev co-founder

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    We’re working on simplifycards.com
    There could be a number of tools (calculators etc) that could be built in this space

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    Hi Diogo,

    I'm a technical founder myself and most recently worked on this app: joboperative.com. I also have quite a few other ideas of things to work on and I'm looking for someone to collaborate with on something.

    If you are interested in chatting, feel free to reach out to me at alex@joboperative

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    Hi Diogo,

    I'm working on this, please let me know if you're interested


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    sent you email.

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    Could you work for Sarchy Search engine available at http://sarchy.condense.press ?

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    What time zone are you in? Contact us gator8899 @ yahoo .com

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    This comment was deleted a year ago.

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