Landing Page Feedback September 24, 2020

Dev seeking landing page feedback 😁

Colin Monroe @ColinMonroe

Here's a link to a new landing page I've been working on!

I have a technical background so I was hitting the limits of my design abilities almost immediately. Merciless roasting is welcome 🙂.

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    Hey Colin. Looks like a good start!

    Here are the two improvement opps I see, based on viewing the page on mobile:

    1. Whitespace - there's too much of it between the bottom of your first image and the Dead Simple Setup section. There's too little whitespace between the bottom of your Dead Simple Setup section and the next one. And makes it tough to figure out which colored icon goes with each paragraph.

    2. Duplication - those first 3 points use a lot of the same words as the next three sections. Consider using one group or the other.

    Wish I could post some screenshots for clarity, but hopefully that makes sense.

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      That's awesome feedback @thecrev thank you! Just to make sure, were you viewing the page on desktop or mobile?

      I was thinking those two sections were way too similar I'll definitely plan on removing one in favor of a different type of display. Thanks!

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