Looking to Partner Up September 29, 2020

Developer looking for business related help! (growth/marketing/law)

Andrew Hodson @yourbuddyandrew


I built https://hauling.market/. Im looking to find someone/team to take the marketplace to the next level. We have seen great growth since we launched July 7th. I need help with the legal, marketing and growth. Does anyone have any ideas or pointers Thanks!

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    Have you tried Craigslist/other classified ads sites? Maybe you can post these transport requests and have your site mentioned on the picture (so people doing the transport know where to apply).

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      I haven't tried Craigslist yet. I run about 8 groups on Facebook 70k plus members combined with Clients and Companies. Growth hasn't been that big of an issue right now. I need help with the business formation and a CFO. Thanks for your comment!

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