Landing Page Feedback June 4, 2020

Developers: does my landing page appeal to you?

Matt Hart @matt_h_

My target audience consists of developers, and I want to make sure my language appeals to you. Feedback from non-developers is of course appreciated as well!

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    I think your page looks fine, but I don't really understand how your product works. It's going to save me support time, but I don't really understand how. That might make me think your promising something you can't deliver.

    You might be to early right now, but a demo or video might help.

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      Same feedback. I don't quite follow how this works. I'm not sure why I would give my customers an API. As a developer, I wouldn't know what to make of this service. Happy to review it again once you make updates.

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      That's a good point. I will add a "how it works" section to explain at a high level what it does.

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    Hi Matt, nice idea. I think your page looks fine - your target audience are developers that offer API's for commercial use. You may want to add some screen samples or even better a short video that shows a typical user interaction with your system

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