Developers: Favourite No-Code / Low-Code Tools?

This question is for all the developers out there.

What are your favourite no-code / low-code tools for building sites and apps?

I've yet to try any but thought I would give it a try for a small passion-project, so I'm curious what your experiences have been so far.

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    I built Siteoly - Google sheets website builder and you can try that. It completely runs on Google sheets and works with custom domains, forms, external scripts and a lot of other features too.

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    low code visual web app builder.
    we're an dev shop, building web apps with Wappler for 2+ yrs now.
    much higher learning curve than any no code builder - but insanely much more powerful, resilient & scalable.

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    Are you looking for something specific? My chatbot can find you just what you are looking for in just under 5 minutes: https://itsgritted.webflow.io/ - give it a spin!

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      I gave up when I felt the answers were not adapted to my responses. :)

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        What a shame. You were just 1 question away from talking to me directly. Maybe you are not trying to solve a problem for yourself at the moment? I'd love to hop on a 30min interview and learn more about your specific case, if you can make the time this week... Can you? If yes, please feel free to schedule a time-slot that works for you: https://calendly.com/julianpaul/30min - Cheers.

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    Our no-code stack now is Carrd, Airtable, Integromat, and Memberstack. I love these tools and highly recommend them, but as we're pushing the boundaries and moving more into low-code territory, we're finding Carrd a bit awkward with its embed model, and retrofitting native Carrd elements programatically is difficult.

    Carrd allowed us to launch very quickly, which is awesome, but for our next no-code project, we'll probably look into something like Webflow or Bubble.

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    Carrd.co for quick and dirty landing pages. Super easy.

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      Good tip. Will probably use this week!

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    Among the low code tools GatsbyJS is pretty great - the eco-system of plugins means that most typical web tasks are just adding a plugin. The theming capability is super powerful because it gives you templates which can be easily customised with shadowing

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    Zapier, Google Sheet and Automatio.co (I am founder of it)

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      This is great!


      1. Thought about wanting a tool like this
      2. Thought about building a tool like this

      How has it been going?

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    Glideapps. By far the fastest way to build a prototype app.

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    My favourite right now are

    Webflow for websites
    Zapier for simple tool connections
    And paragon for more complex custom connections (https://www.useparagon.com/)

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    x2 on Zapier! They made automating things very easy.

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    Zapier. It's pure magic

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    I have a few but top of my list is canonic.dev. It’s probably one of the best tools in general, not just no code/low code that I’ve had the chance to use.

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