April 23, 2019

Developers, feedback needed for code change visualization #product-feedback-request

Ville Laitila @VilleLaitila

I am honestly begging any developers to give feedback for on our tool product that enriches code review experience.
Softagram creates visualization(s) as pull request comments in GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket and Azure DevOps. The easiest way to try it is using a fresh new GitHub app that manages all bureaucracy and starts analyzing your code right away. The app is installable from GitHub: https://github.com/apps/softagram

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    I like to have something like this launchable per local repo (like via NPM) so I can visualize changes on my computer, and then have a counterpart in the cloud — ala cypress.io.

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      Thanks for the feedback. That is one track that we are progressing at the moment. The visual feedback on dependency changes is clearly needed also when doing local changes, before pushing them to Git.
      However, already now, Softagram does analysis for branches that have been pushed to the Git repository. That way you could easily trigger analysis and visualization for your changes before PR.