Developers have feelings too!

It can often be easy for business people working in a product environment to get frustrated with developers. Even with an understanding that one's approach to their work as a business person differs to another's approach to their work as a developer, it often feels like a battle to prevent a rift increasingly bridging both parties from a seamless workflow.

I often imagine that if both the business people and developers in an organisation were back in the school cantine, they would sit on opposite sides of the room. But in reality, this thought is actually immature, destructive, and quite frankly.. irrelevant. The important thing to remember is that it is mutually beneficial for both parties to do their job well, as the success of one breeds the success of the other.

The next time your developer falls late on a deadline.. again.. or makes an error with an important code merge.. again.. don't take it out on them then and there.. take a minute to conjure up a positive change that will help to prevent it from happening again, whether it's holding them more accountable, incentivising them to do better, or kindly asking them to leave the project and close the door on their way out... any of the above typically have a positive impact :)

For the post that's in it; as one or the other, where would you sit in the cantine?
  1. The opposite side of the room
  2. A littleee closer
  3. At the same table
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