May 16, 2019

Developers: How do you stay organized?


How do you maintain your research, ideas, notes, etc...


  1. 1 - it's been a game-changer for me and I use it for organizing everything from work to personal life. It's like Google Docs + Dropbox's Paper + Trello together but in a really seamless way. One of the few products I happily pay for.

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      I used Notion for a while, but it was very heavy. I have recently switched to Google Keep but have found I'm a little annoyed with it's lack of formatting for code and more detailed documents.

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    Good old fashioned (paper) notebooks and pens 😁

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    freedcamp! versatile, simple & free

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      This looks awesome, I'm gonna give this a try! Thanks!

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    Trello board and Google Docs

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    Wow, that's exactly what I was thinking to ask today. Because I'm buried in a pile of notebooks, stickers, and browser tabs!
    I tried to use Trello, but it's too flat for me. Too few dimensions. Having more boards means more opened tabs in the browser.

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    I use Microsoft OneNote - Notebooks for the different areas/subjects/topics, then sections, which can be further combined into groups, and multiple pages for each section. I can keep whole PDFs in it, photos, notes, to-do lists, checklists, webpages, etc.

    And I can also keep it in-sync across desktop and mobile devices.

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    GSuite, 100 notepads, Whiteboard...

    You can actually pick up a whiteboard for $10 at Home Depot in the lumber section. Can’t beat it!

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    A combination of Google Docs, Google Keep, and good old pen and paper journaling.

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      Do you feel like Google Keep ever limits you with formatting?

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        I use google keep to note down the key ideas on the go and then expound on them on google docs when I get to my desk.

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    Two words - Trello boards :)

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      Even for your personal stuff? How do you organize your personal stuff inside of trello?

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        I have 2 boards. One for schedules and another that I divide by seasons of 3 months