Looking to Partner Up January 17, 2020

Developing Custom Slack App

Preet @designsingh

I run a global design community, with our slack members totalling close to about 3000+ folks. I'm looking to design and develop 2 slack apps based on our critical use cases for the community.
These apps can surely be standalone products. Looking to partner with someone who has developed slack applications in the past - be it for equity or can pay for the project.

If you're interested in the details, please comment with your slack app dev experience.

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    Thank you so much everyone! I'll drop you all an email with details on the idea and we can go from there, to see which partnership fits best :)

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    @designsingh - I have built a couple of slack apps to help communities. We even open sourced one of them. Feel free to reach out with details.

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      Hey bud, how to best reach out to you?

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        @designsingh - click on my profile and you will see my e-mail address.

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    Hey, feel free to drop me a line (email in my profile). Happy to work on something new.

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    @designsingh I am interested in doing this. you can email me at [email protected]

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    @desigsingh let's talk skype: adeoluwa.adejumo