May 3, 2019

Did anyone see that Stripe is opening a remote office?

Zack Burt @CodeForCash

They're hosting a remote coffee meet & greet. I applied to attend, but I replied to the CEO's tweet as well, with a link to a letter: { Please be advised that this links to a pdf letter, which may download automatically. }

What will come of this marketing stunt?

Will they accept my request for invitation?

Will I shoot for the stars and land on the moon?

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    You could warn that the link automatically downloads a pdf.

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      isn't the "automatic" part because of your own local settings? tried on my phone and computer (both Brave) and both opened up as PDFs in browser with an option to download, nothing automatic.

      best of luck to ya, @CodeForCash!

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        You should still warn even if that's true since most people use the default settings on chrome/firefox/edge.

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          I digress, mobile did actually download by default. Desktop did not (with default settings)

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      Great idea! Thanks for generating some conversation around the topic.

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    Yep. Unfortunately seems North America only. I hoped for global given they have offices around the world that could provide the legal support in my opinion (Ireland office for the whole EU for example).

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      There's probably a business to be made in solving whatever pain points created such a restriction.

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        So you just have to be a US citizen or do you have to work remotely within North America?

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          I think you need to be from U.S. or Canada (Canadians have it easy when comes to working for the U.S.).

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    I did the same—it's definitely really cool to see such a high-profile and successful company investing heavily in remote work!

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