March 27, 2019

Digital Marketing is boring af. Any examples of creative campaigns by small companies?

Kyril Kulikov @kyril

Hi guys!

A friend of mine has been working as an art-director at a large advertising agency (Leo Burnett) where they were collaborated with huge brands with big marketing budgets and won some Cannes Lions. And we recently decided to switch to digital marketing area to bring some creativity to smaller companies. We have done a landing page already and onboarded our first clients.

I would like to ask you, guys, to share some examples of very creative marketing campaigns done by mid-size or even small brands. Have you seen such a rare thing?

Thank you!


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    This is the best question I've seen in ages. And some great responses. There should be a whole forum for, marketers that aren't shit. Invitation only.

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      Waiting for that one fine day.

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    Yes creativity seems rare sometimes unless we find one. One such incident happened with me on pinterest. It was a T-Shirt brand called Uniqlo. They wanted to raise awareness for their new ‘Dry mesh T-shirts’. Uniqlo leveraged the aimless scrolling habit of pinterest users and got attention. Users that were scrolling aimlessly got an awakening experience by seeing Uniqlo’s T-shirts turning, flipping and changing colors as they scrolled. Hijacking Pinterest gained them about 55 million impressions, used no paid media and generated more than 6,000 mentions on Twitter. There are a few more that I love to brag about.

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      Wow this is great! Thank you! Do you have more? 😀

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        Yes I have many. What about a video response to a facebook comment from an unsatisfied user. The video response went viral. Watch this

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        For other hackers, here is the campaign:

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    Transferwise made a big enemy of banks because of fat wire transfer fees... They pulled stunt after stunt like protesting naked in front of banks in London... That gave them a lot of press coverage and positioned them well as the best choice for pissed of people about the problem they are solving! Genius!

    I guess the lesson here is you need to have creative people who know how to pull off such acts once or twice a year continuously... Otherwise better spend your effort building a brand slowly and steadily.

    Also, keep in mind that it usually doesn't work (what shocks us nowadays anyway?) so be prepared to sink the cost of preparation in time and money + sometimes the controversy you create can backfire...

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    Hi, I assume that you already know to whom you want to collaborate with and if yes, then you can create a list and start contacting them with an offer.

    There is nothing better than email marketing for outreach and you may approach them with an offer.

    For such a campaign, I have always relied on the email marketing process.

    You can make a list of your prospective collaborators and then find their email address by using tools AeroLeads, Rapportive etc.

    Once you have you the list, you can run the email campaign through different email marketing tool like MailChimp, etc. as these tools have an option to connect with other SMTP which will give a satisfactory open rate for your email campaign.

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    I love side project marketing idea. Like by crew, or websitegrader by hubspot.

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      WOW, is so cool with all the free beautiful photo. Awesome!

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    Great video on facebook worked for us.