Landing Page Feedback August 16, 2019 Now with Productivity Calculator!

Joe Chasinga @pieohpah

We have just made some modifications, including adding a productivity calculator to convince decision-makers to try out. I'd so helpful to us to get feedback from you in the following:

  • Do you understand what we are offering?
  • Are you excited about what we are offering?
  • Is the sign up flow easy for you?

Thank you

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    Hey Joe -

    I like the illustration in the hero. I think it does the best job of getting to the heart of the problem.

    I'm having trouble seeing what the service really does though.

    I get that it helps reduce the usual problems that a group of people trying to decide on lunch experience, but I don't get exactly how.

    The following copy makes it seem like the whole thing is automated and there is no decision process:

    Automate your team lunch orders...

    Dilly personalizes each team member's meal based on preferences and select the best group order for everyone. All you have to do is nothing.

    The screenshot under "Introducing Dilly" shows that you have to ask the bot for a menu and then implies that you have to choose one of the items.

    You also talk about going #menuless but the screenshot shows that you ask for that menu.

    So, there's a mixed message.

    In your headline, what is the real benefit?

    Smart lunch for busy teams

    What does that mean? It doesn't feel like it speaks the language of the people who need this product.

    If we imagine what happens at the office at lunchtime, we can get to the benefit. For example, most lunches at offices I've worked in went something kinda like this:

    11:45 - Somebody says "Lunch?"
    11:45 - 3 or 4 people say "Yes", "Yep", "Yeah", "Hell yeessssss, I'm f%*kin staaarvin!"
    11:45 - Somebody says "Where we goin?"
    11:46 - 12:15 - Everybody debates on where to eat until everybody ends up annoyed and either goes along with whatever or everybody splits up and goes to multiple places.

    This happens every day. And it gets really old.

    I think that's the heart of the problem and where your benefit starts. The benefit is getting the picking where to eat part out of the way, getting your food and having more time and patience to eat with your work friends.

    I'm not sure tying it to productivity loss is going to be your selling point. Unless your target customer is a micro-manager who is focused on saving the company every penny possible, at which point, they won't want to pay for your product.

    I would take out the calculator. It feels like it's there for novelty.

    I recommend taking out the tech-speak and think about those lunchtime conversations. Use those as your copy.

    I don't think people are thinking about how to "automate" lunch.

    Also when you say "all you do is nothing", how is that so? Where do the menu items come from? How do people indicate what their preferences are? Do I ask for a menu and pick an option or do I just have food delivered to my desk at 12:00 every day?

    Another thing that confused me is the fact that you have this branded as "Dilio" and "Dilly". Is "Dilio" the company name and "Dilly" the product name?

    I think what adds to that confusion is the "Lunch x Zero" after the "Dilio" logo. I'm not sure what that means and by placement, it looks like it could be the product name.

    I think for a product like this, the proof of other companies using it, doesn't really help. I may be wrong but I can't imagine people asking, "How do the teams at Adobe deal with picking a lunch place?"

    I keep looking at your hero illustration because it conjures up a feeling for me, possibly others. When I look at that, I imagine somebody asked about lunch and 4 different options were proposed. Somebody in that group is thinking - "Shit, not this again."

    Overall the design is nice. I think there's an opportunity to add a robot mascot as "Dilly". Once the user experience is ironed out, you could even show the interaction with Dilly on the landing page to help people get the gist of what it is.

    Good luck and I hope it takes off!

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      Thanks a lot, @dmontooth. These are valuable. You sound like you know the problem pretty well. Can I oblige you to chat with me?

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        Sure, send me an email and I'll see if I can help.

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