April 23, 2019

Direct traffic to a blog post?


Hello guys, 8-9 months ago a launched the website zioube.com to share some thoughts of mine. To drive some traffic I contributed to the Quora and Reddit communities, wrote some guest posts and gained a couple of backlinks.

At a certain point in time, it happened that I started to gain a lot of direct traffic with destination a specific blog post.

Reading aroud the web I convinced myself it is referral traffic from a source I didn't tracked building the URL.

Do you have any other clue?


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    Hey, by looking at the source of your website it seems that you're using Google Analytics. If that's the case, you can easily check the referrer of those requests. Go to "Behavior -> Site Content -> Landing Pages", then filter it by "Full referrer" by pressing on the "Secondary dimension" button

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      Hey @sagi, thanks for your reply.
      Sure, when I do it, it appears to me that the as full referral "(direct)".
      Such traffic is almost 100% made of new users, so it's difficult for me to believe all of them bookmarked the blog post.

      I have read it might be a referring website somehow not showing up (i.e.: one of the backlinks were placed to it).

      But, still, I'm not sure about.

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        Another idea is to check which of the backlinks has a "rel=“noreferrer” attribute on. It masks the true referrer and is usually shown by Google Analytics as "direct".

        More info: https://stackoverflow.com/a/50773254

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          Thanks for the hint, sagi.
          Actually, I checked via ahrefs all the backlinks to my website and especially the backlinks to the blog page I have the issue with.
          They are not many (2, actually) and both of them do not have the "noreferrer" attribute to the link, just the "noopener" attribute.

          I think I didn't post the link in any forum or comment form where the "noreferrer" might be applied.

          I posted a tough challenge :D

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