March 25, 2019

Discover Company Perks

Shazwi Suwandi @supershazwi

I created WorkPerk to help people find out the additional worth of their jobs that comprises work perks and benefits. I've been reading up tweets, blog posts and articles on cool perks at companies such as an in-house barista, paid vacations and work-life balance but have realised there isn't an easy way to filter or browse companies by perks.

Would love to know your thoughts on this :)


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    Hey there fellow Singaporean. The product is not too shabby but I think there's still alot more work. Definitely need more content to make it useful for end-users.

    Here's what I would focus next: Try to get stories and interviews (See how IH does it) because these are content that can be relatable to end-users. See - One thing I really like about them is how they use employee interviews to give an ambassador voice for the company.

    Nice domain by the way

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      One more thing that pops up my mind. When starting out, I would avoid having those gated pages that requires sign up. Don't make it hard for visitors to use your site.

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        Hi Ryan, thanks so much for your input. I was kinda inspired by the podcast on KeyValues and thought I wanted to do something up since there really isn't a site to let users see the value of company's perks. Some don't share it, some share it but not fully, etc. So I wanted to put something up to see what is the initial response.

        Yeah I've seen talenttribe before. I believe they're aiming to be like themuse for our side of the world. Their quality is up there haha. I can think of some angle to involve existing employees and the perks.

        I'll change the site to not make login necessary to add comments and add companies. You're right.

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          Oh that explains it. I figured you are trying to build something like KeyValues but on the "perks" angle right? If so, great! I like the idea and believe it is something worth exploring.

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            On implementation level, I noticed that the process of checking out perks can be a little PITA and requires tons of navigation across multiple pages. Of course this might be because it is the MVP version. To improve the exploratory experience you can build a comparison engine so that user can easily search across tags with filters and facets. For that, you need to use something like algolia or elasticsearch.

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              Something scrappy - but I guess it works for now.

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              You think far far ahead hahaha. To be honest, I've yet to explore elasticsearch. Maybe it's time to dive into the docs. I'll work on it! :)

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