Discovering affiliate programs

Hey everyone!

I'm thinking of building a site that helps affiliates discover programs that are a good fit for their audience. There are large lists of programs on affiliate networks (like impact, clickbank, etc), but there are many more programs that operate direct-to-affiliate (and hence, never make it on these lists) – so I think there may be some opportunity here.

If there are any successful affiliate marketers on here, do you even bother "searching" for affiliate products to promote? Or do you only choose to advertise products you already know, use and love.

If a discovery platform would be helpful to you, what's the hardest part about finding affiliate products to promote?

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    I wouldn't bother listing my product on a discovery site as it's very, very niche — except if you start your platform in a niche (e.g. "find affiliate programs for gardening"). That could make it very interesting and also easier to grow.

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      Yeah, I think the list would have to be manually curated for it to work. Would obviously be better if companies list themselves, but yeah I'm not seeing it lol. I think the site should be generalist in nature (covering all niches), but to start, I'd probably only cover larger / well known companies to keep the list relevant (so probably not super niche) – I don't think anyone wants to browse through a list of companies they've never heard before.

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    affiliatehunt.io was abandoned last year. I think such discovery platform is hard to grow.

    Anyways, do try your luck!

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      Yeah I saw that! I feel like a lot of improvements could be made to affiliate hunt, but yeah I think it'll be a challenge to grow, so at this stage, just trying to figure out whether it'll be worth the time investment. We'll see!

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        What would you do differently? How would you grow Affiliatehunt if you were the owner?

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          In terms of product, a few things come to mind: improve search, improve content (prioritize recognizable companies to keep people interested), keep the list fresh (add daily to keep visitors returning). Also, the list needs to be large – most affiliate networks have thousands already, so a generalist discovery site would need to have more.

          In terms of growth, I think you could get pretty creative with SEO here, but SEO kinda scares me 😅

          So keeping the list regularly updated, and SEO are at least 2 hard parts.. Would definitely involve some long-term commitment lol.

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