May 27, 2019

Distributed Open Source Idea Framework


A place where people share ideas and build them collectively for purposes of building start-up projects.

I am inspired by the community here, and I started looking at social coding communities like StackExchange, where questions are the main form of interaction, here on Indiehackers, people support each other, on Githhub people work with each other. All this are based on interest graphs .

I started working on a website that combines these beautifully driven platforms, by focusing on creating a community that allows creators and users to interact more closely. The aim is to bring designers, ideators, enthusiasts, users and producers to work in harmony.

For instance a post on IH: How can I build a SaaS platform could turn into , I have opened a mini-project on DOSIF anyone interested in this can contribute on Github , why not just Github? Well, as we know Github is exclusively for coders and doesn't support a social network behaviour, people can not discuss projects in a IndieHackers fashion, you usually talk about technical issues like code functionality. So the missing point is adoption for everyone.

The mini-projects start as open source , then slowly transition into a small start-up company. The main purpose is to allow ourselves to build products as fast as possible and learn how to build more impact driven solutions.

A person in Burundi might find a radio-transmitter code build by another person in Shenzhen very useful, the service here is that the person in Burundi posts on DOSIF about what they want to build outlined in most details, then the Shenzhen developer builds a code that can run for the person in Burundi, sponsorships and funds can be raised on this platform. Most code on Stack is not fabricated for a project but for solving a specific technical issue , deliberately not encouraging building things but solving problems, this is great. However, we have also seen questions asked many times for the same problem.

As an experiment I would like to build this website as an example of socially coded group projects that offer business solutions.

Google's Season Of Docs is a perfect example of this philosophy (only open source projects).
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    Why distributed?

    Honestly seems like a buzzword currently. There could be great uses for that but wondering.

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    Very innovative idea. I came across one such project a few days back while using scuttlebutt. You can see the concept here. Although yours is more targeted towards OSS. I think people may actually like it.