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🎁 Ditto? Clipy?? Phrase Express??? Screely????

Falak Sher @FalakSher

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  1. Need a Rockstar iOS developer for part-time side work by @ZagrosEnterprises
  2. Make a better logo for $30 by @innov8or


  • If you have to handle DNS records manually, use LetsEncrypt, a nonprofit certificate authority providing TLS certificates to 200 million websites.
  • Ditto (Clipy for macOS) is a clipboard extension that saves last copied items.
  • Use Phrase Express and add templates to automatically insert a specific article, sentence whenever you type "XY".


What if your product is not featured in PH homepage by @prasanna
Prasanna launched PrivJs on PH and got 50 upvotes but it was not featured on the PH homepage even after 6 hours. So he reached the PH team and politely asked them to feature the product on the homepage and they replied within 5 minutes and soon PrivJs got featured on the homepage.

3 Major Twitter Mistakes & How To Avoid Them by @witsuma

  • Hashtags look super spammy and it doesn't help with search discovery at all for normal topics. So don't use them unless it's a popular and supported campaign like #100daysofcode
  • Don't just retweet, retweet by adding your valuable comment.
  • Use the Reply Guy method. Make a list of influencers in your niche. And reply to their tweets as much as possible. I think I should reply to Trump tweets to check what happens.

How do you segment your audience? by @iammarcthomas
First, segment them based on the resources (blog posts etc) that led them to sign up (either free or paid account). Then segment them mostly with tags (e.g interests --- customer satisfaction), custom segments based on user action (e.g hit 10 responses)**, and also by customer attribute (e.g enterprise account).

6K MRR + huge affiliate marketing learning for you by @YannickVeys
HypeFury just started making $6K MRR within 6 months mainly due to the affiliate program. As he was just checking his tool in Google search, there was an ad on top of it with a nice Trademark icon, but the problem was 'he was not running that ad' And it was one of the affiliates stealing their traffic.
So the lesson is, be vigilant and keep checking google for your search terms when you have an affiliate program. And add in your affiliate terms that someone can't advertise on your brand name and misspellings.


  • If you ever want to place your screenshot in a Mac browser window, Screely is the way to go and it's Free.
  • Similarly, if you ever want to place your browser window into high-quality mockups, MockupWorld provides a lot of high-quality PSD templates that are easy to edit.
  • Visit to find really good illustrations. And you can customize them on the site as well.

What I learned from my first 2 months of being an indie maker by @kacper

  • People are willing to pay for more than you think.
  • Maker communities are super supportive.
  • You make lots of valuable connections.
  • Positive feedback from your users is super satisfying.
  • Seeing successful people buy your product is the ultimate validation.


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    I'm sure if you're the first 1st reply to Trump's tweets you'll be seen by millions of people. Not a strategy I'm using but you can try out report :P

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      Just check what happens.
      I have turned on Trump notifications.