Do I really need to validate my ideas if I need them in my life?

IYO should I still try launching a landing page for my projects if I'm scratching my own itches and actually need what I'm building?

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    I suppose it all depends on what your goals are. Equation might look like this

    if (need >= "time commitment") no need to validate

    ie. customers are just a bonus, than yeah, no need to validate.

    Although, it doesn't cost much to validate your idea, and if you can maximize the outcome, then why not do it right? If you can get what you need and give others what they need at the same time, might be worth it anyways.

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      Right, great advice.

      On top of that, as developers, our instinct is to jump into building. By forcing ourselves to validate first, we hone the habit of taking a more scientific approach to product building, even when it's not exactly required.

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    Even when you are building something you love, it may help to get some customer validation. You may discover use cases or segments you haven't thought of. Validation is a must if the sole purpose of it to launch for others.

    Not that validation is always required. Sometimes, we developers, build things we love. That's to satisfy our hunger. :-)

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    If you can build something quickly in a few weeks to solve your own problem and it saves you time in the long term, you can build it without validation. You can later demo that product whenever you talk to your target market. You can refine your idea to build features that they are are willing to pay.

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    If you need it so much, that you can afford to pay yourself more than enough to cover all of yours and your teams living expenses for eternity, solely out of your existing savings, then no.

    Otherwise, the key to a successful business is having enough customers willing to pay that it becomes sustainable.

    Or if its just a hobby, do what you enjoy and avoid sucking the fun out of it by making it a business, unless it shows potential to become a business.

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    Do you want other people to use it or is this just for you?
    If the former then yes, and if the later then no.

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