Do you also find it hard to identify your own problems?

So everybody says "solve your own problem". I find that I can't easily spot my own problems. How do you guys do it? Maybe there are some frameworks for that?

Some ideas that I have:

  • Keeping a journal of things that frustrate me
  • Asking a friend to interview me and identify recurring problems that I may have

Any other ideas, guys? Maybe let's interview each other and help find our own problems?

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    Pull up your online banking/credit card statement. That's a list of problems you thought were worth paying to solve.

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    Hey Alex!
    Very interesting question. I am writing a book with some lessons of how I found a problem to solve. Could you take a look at the table of contents and let me know if there is something else I should cover? https://gumroad.com/products/HGuGX/

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      Your contents seem too vague to me.

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    I definitely have the same problem as you. I try to be grateful about things and don't see things being so problematic that it warrants effort in figuring out a proper solution.

    So what I do is instead try to solve problems for others. But the turn around time is longer since I will need to talk to others to validate and test.

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    For many life itself is a problem without a viable solution...

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