Do you code landing pages from scratch?

Hello everyone, I'm very new in tech and I've seen how speedily the ecosystem is. I've learned how important validating product ideas are and so far, I've seen practical real-life examples of people doing the same.

But I have a question to ask here;
Since a whole lot of the time, we need to make landing pages for quick product validations, does it make sense to take days to build a landing page? Or should a person just buy a cheap one or download one for free from places like https://cruip.com/ or https://www.eatapapaya.com/ ?

I'm curious because making a good landing page can take me around 2 full days while downloading one can enable me to start immediately. What would you normally do?

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    I use to build them myself, then moved to templates, could never find a website/landing builder I liked. So I kept using templates.

    Early on your job is to talk with customers and build an amazing product, I see founders spend ages on custom designed landing pages that don't look even close to templates.

    https://www.julian.com/guide/growth/landing-pages is a great place to start to learn about it.

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      Thanks a lot for your useful reply.

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