November 12, 2019

Do you ever feel like you are running fast without getting very far?

John Luke Garofalo @johnlukeg

I recently went full-time on my startup and I'm so happy that I get my days back to work on it.

But this week, I'm just feeling like everything is moving so slow. I've been grinding for so long and I want an external win, you know? I know that I'm making progress, but I have no external progress to show yet. I'm still a couple weeks from releasing our MVP and we will have to wait til the off-season to get people to really use it.

Have you experienced this feeling? How do you cope with it?

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    I think you make metrics that you can track from week to week to see progress. What percent of people that you engage with say they like it or if you have email signups or other external metrics like site traffic that can help you see what's going on. Whether or not that will be a "win" is something you have to figure out as many times I think the data will go up and down week to week and not just show pure growth. But at least it gives you something to focus on besides just internal progress.

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      Yeah you're definitely right. I think it's especially acute right now because the MVP has taken much longer to knock out than I had anticipated... so no real external metrics. I just need to grind out the MVP and launch fast and then setting up the external metrics will hopefully have that effect.

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        I know the feeling - so when I was doing my MVP I cut out anything and everything I could to get out asap. For example, I was using a no-code solution and I specifically axed mobile optimization. To save time I just put a message for mobile screens saying mobile wasn't supported at this time and to go to a desktop ;) Folks pointed this out to me but I was able to get feedback faster and sooner than if I had spent time doing that. So I would think about some shortcuts like that if they might speed you up.