Do you have a co-founder? How did you meet?

I was reading an article yesterday about how it gets more and more difficult to meet a co-founder the older you get and I've definitely noticed this myself. Now that I am a few years out of any educational institution, it gets harder to meet people who would be willing to partner up for any kind of new venture and I wanted to hear what experiences other IH women have had in finding someone to build a business together.
Have you ever looked for a co-founder? Do you feel like you need a co-founder? Looking forward to hearing from you!

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    It is one hell of a task to accomplish and not something that is done easily. I need a co-founder (notably, a CTO) but it is hard to find someone. I have been piecing together a MVP using Figma but need someone who can tackle the tech behind the vision.

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    My suggestion is to be open when possibilities present themselves. I met my cofounder to discuss something completely different, yet here we are. I left a high paying career by retiring early, 54, so remember...... age benefits you in entrepreneurship. It gives you way more experiences to rely on!

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    I'm starting a new project with two co-founders that I met in pole dance class! I've known them for a few years now. All three of us work in tech, two of us as devs and one as a UX designer.

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    I'm a man, but here's my story anyway. I had a friend who helped me learn Lithuanian and then suggested we build a tool for that (and other languages). As I was already into entrepreneurship and had a failed startup, I was immediately sold into the idea, because I knew it worked for me. I was 45 then.

    My advice would be lots of networking, find a few friends and start sharing your ideas and listening to theirs. There are many female entrepreneur communities now, you can start from there, but who knows, maybe a male cofounder would be better from the diversity PoV (also, due to gender inequality, men tend to have better access to funding, networking, etc).

    Even if you end up going solo, having a friendly network would help you a lot with initial feedback and maybe a few first customers.

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      Thanks very much for your response! Also thanks for stating your age - lots of people (in my internet circles) tend to think that if you haven't done everything by 25 or 30 then you have basically failed, which is not true.

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        Well, I'm becoming a better person every day and trying to spread this better-ness to the outer world, so "having done everything by xx" doesn't make much sense, if you ask me. Forgive me for being philosophical, but there's never "having done everything", it's always "wow, there's so much fun ahead!"

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    I've worked for him. The cooperation was great for both of us so we decided to start something new together.

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    Found mine on Discord.

    Spent a year+ chatting there so got to know them well.

    When the time came to start something we was pretty aligned.

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