Do you have a designer for the first version of your project?

I am trying to finish my first MVP version and I am thinking about design a little bit. I decided to do everything by myself and buy design later when the project gets a few customers.

How are you dealing with the first design in your projects?

Are you using free templates?
  1. Yes
  2. No
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    Check out https://logology.co/!

    It will help you on the branding & the logo creation. We don't do templates for now, but it's in our roadmap so we can maybe do something!

    Disclaimer: I'm the founder :)

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      Hi, @xavier. Thank you. Maybe I will use your service in the long run.

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      Hey Xavier,
      your page looks damn awesome! I love it. It somehow reminds of "miro". :)

      1. 2

        The design of the website is inspired by the Bauhaus movement!

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    I did the design myself for https://www.valuemachine.io but I think the more important thing isn't getting all the colors and border radii perfect, it's the user experience e.g. what pages are there and what can you do on each one, how many clicks to start using the product, how many clicks to perform the most common actions, etc.

    All the pixel-perfect stuff is pretty easy to change later, but the UX is pretty baked in once you create the front-end, and users hate change so if you do scale before changing it the community is likely to be upset.

    1. 1

      Yeah, you are right. I am definitely working on the UX but I am not doing it pixel-perfect because I can do it after MVP.
      I totally agree that UX is valuable from the beginning.

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    Most of the time, entering design after development is a bad choice.
    I think for an MVP you don't have to design hi-fi mockups but simple wireframes to take into account all your website elements.

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      Hi @Teodota. Yes, I agree with you. Actually I am doing it but it will not be pixel-perfect. Maybe I wrote it wrong. I will have a design but it will be created just by me.
      Anyway, thank you for your comment.

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        Well, that's fine! You're the one who knows your product best and the one who knows what elements it should have.

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