Productivity July 3, 2020

Do you have a recommendation for a personal CRM?

Martijn Nanne @martijnnanne

I recently started to network quite a bit and I feel like it starts to get hard to keep track of things. Does anyone have a recommendation for personal CRM software? Should be very easy but I feel like Excel just doesn't work for me..

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    Just to give it a bit more support Airtable is amazing. I recently built out my version of that and have found it to be really helpful. If you're interested I can make another one and send you a copy

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    @martijnnanne Have a look at UpHabit for iOS/Android.

    It's very decent, and they've been improving the web app as well.

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    I looked at Airtable a few days ago and am considering using it for various things. Worth checking out, at least as a 'good enough for now' option.

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    I really like Airtable! You can also host a form online to help you add to the CRM from anywhere.

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    I just use the Contact (default) app on my iPhone. iCloud syncs everything across my computers, iPad and iPhone anyway so it works for me.

    I always found CRMs to be clunky when I used them at work. Used to work in sales and was on a team where we had to share contacts so everything had to be in a specific app. But if it’s only for me, then I’d just keep it simple.

    What pain points are you having?