Do you have a routine?

Hi everybody!

I like reading other people's daily routines, habits and how they try to stay productive. If you want, share yours in the comments.

My habits:
I'm not a productive person. I don't have a routine.
I tried to form habits in the past, but almost nothing worked.

I'm a night owl. When I was in high school or university, I noticed that I study more effectively in the evening/late afternoon.
My latest attempt to form a routine: I tried to sleep by 1 am, and wake up at 8-8:30 am. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to do that, because I just don't want to go to sleep after a "long" day without watching 3 hours of netflix or scrolling through reddit and indiehackers, lol. It's funny to write this out.

Now I want to switch, I'll try to wake up by 6am, and sleep by 11pm.

The only routine in my weekdays is that I have a job, but it's not strict (fortunately), but I try to start working from 10am everyday and finish by 17-18 pm.

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