Deals October 21, 2019

Do you have a special offer for indie hackers?

Rosie Sherry @rosiesherry

If you'd like to offer a discount or special offer to other indie hackers then leave details in the comments below!

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    Great idea. We'll gladly offer 30% off for 6 months for any Indie Hacker who signs up to use EmailOctopus

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    Good idea! Just made a discount page for you all.

    We offer a 30% off life time discount for Remote Leaf subscription. Normal price is 14$/m so that comes to 10$/m life time.

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    For all the feedback I've gotten from IH... of course! :)

    Zigpoll ( is an embeddable polling platform that makes collecting data a breeze.

    Use code: "BAo5KQJZe" for 1 month of Zigpoll Pro. Enter the code on your account settings page, no credit card required or anything, it just reverts to the free plan after a month.

    Also if anyone needs more time to demo it or anything feel free to reach out: [email protected] .

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    Sure! I am the founder of The Match Artist ( - a photography company that helps you get more dates. We also do sessions for founders, so they have interesting pictures for their social media, and investor pitch material.

    I'd be willing to give anyone from IH 50% off our founder sessions, or 25% off any of our dating packages.

    We are based in Austin, but will be in San Francisco in November.

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      If you put The Match Artist in square brackets you will get a nice link using markdown ;)

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        Thanks man. Didn't know that!

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    Hey Indies!

    You are welcome to try out
    When you decide to sub, you can get 30% off by using the coupon code: loveIndieHackers

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    A free version of instant messaging system for team work (20 concurrent connections) — MyChat (

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    I will gladly lock in the current pricing for life for any hacker that signs up to use with in the next 30 days.

    Vertol is an image management system for your websites and apps.

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    Well, we haven't officially launched yet ( but can offer 15% off for anyone interested.

    We help peeps incorporate in Hong Kong–if your clients are based outside of HK then your profits tax rate is 0%. Works well for freelancers/digital nomads/ecommerce stores.

    If you paid more than USD1,275 in taxes last year you'll probably save money by billing from HK. Takes only a few days to get incorporated in most cases.

    PS would appreciate any feedback!

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    Great idea. 50% off for 6 months with ToDesktop (Convert your SaaS web app to a desktop app).

    Just email me [email protected] and mention Indie Hackers.

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    As an experiment I recently built an IndieHacker/Bootstrapper offer directly into the of Codemason pricing (

    It's a little bit different because to be eligible you have to reach out via email or twitter and share a short message about yourself, what you're working on and why you chose the indie hacker path.

    It's still early days but the engagement it's generated has been surprisingly good and since I want Codemason to be a bit more personal, it helps start that conversation with people which is really cool!

  11. 1 is an e-commerce website builder for small businesses! Get 3 months free and then 50% off lifetime for any plan. Contact me to arrange it for you :)

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    Awesome. Willing to offer 30% Off for 6 months for Indie Hacker members on top of the 2 weeks free trial. is an unlimited graphic design service. We also offer website development packages.

    You can sign up here:
    coupon code: INDIEHACKER30

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    I am an indie hacker in training but for my existing professional services company creating / editing English resumes and LinkedIn Profiles, I would be happy to offer anyone who says they are from "IH", 15% off full editing services. We accept funds in USD, EUR, JPY and RMB. Welcome to reach out to me with your needs at vfulco[@]

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    50% off every plan.

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    We will give an additional year of service for any IH referrals on a paid annual plan with 2 years for the price of one!

    Just message me with the link to this post and the email that you used to register at SP.

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    I'll provide one year of PLUS membership at for free to any indie hacker that wants to learn meditation. Just send me a DM and I'll set you up :)

    After one year it will auto-reverts to the free version.

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    Nice idea! Just made one a discount link 😀

    Post a job on No CS OK for $74 (normal price $99 so that's 25% off.) if you are hiring developers that don't require a CS degree.

    Buy an advert

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    Working on Slack or Microsoft Teams? Try Karma – peer recognition and appreciation system: good vibes, rewards and reports.

    Use ILOVEIH coupon to get 25% off for 12 months.

    Weekly updates on IH:

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    My whole product is for Indie Hackers 😉
    Its an IH mobile client (iOS).

    And I plan to have a private beta open relatively soon so if anyone is interested in helping me test it I'd be happy to give them promo codes when the app launches / becomes a paid product.

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    I would be happy to offer our PPC packages at a significant discount to anyone who mentions that they came from IH this month. We typically start our paid search packages at $475/mo for smaller budgets, but I will cut that by 50% for the next four weeks. Please take a look at the site and let me know if we can help you with your paid search acquisition models! Would be glad to talk shop, even if you don't need help right now!

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    Any Indie Hackers that need help in setting up an internal dashboard to make sense of metrics from various sources/tools, please hit me up.

    I am currently offering free consulting to help set this up for you.

    We can chat about what are the most important metrics to track at different growth stages of your startup.

    We can chat about recommended tools to put measurements in place for improving certain areas of your business.

    We can work together to pull in and make sense of data from Google Analytics/Intercom/Stripe or even from your own database like Postgres/Firebase/DynamoDB.

    My background:
    I am from Sydney, Australia and I’ve worked in various startups and accelerators as software engineer / product manager. If you need any custom dashboards/integrations, I can build it for you.

    Why am I doing this:
    I am working on a metrics dashboard idea. However, I won’t be hard selling you that tool. I am doing this consulting work for you for free purely to understand your metric measurement problems.

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    I have a Service called

    It's a text analysis tool that I'm looking to really start making better now. In short I will release plans, but as of now it's only a beta. I would be very grateful for anyone who'd like to try it.

    For anyone who does and contacts me, either here, through Twitter or the website form I'd be happy to give away one of the new plans for free for a substantial period once I've launched :)

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    I am founder of Kloutengage (, a service to increase customer email leads and accelerate sales for any website. All startups, businesses, blogs or anyone with a website can benefit from our service.

    Here is our special Offer for IH:

    1. Get our Basic Package for "Free".
    2. Get Premium package for 1 year, we will give 50% off. Just email [email protected] with code:"IAMIH50"


    Based and built in San Francisco, love Indie Hacker Community

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    Yes, great idea! I do coaching. I can help with the transition from 9-5 to entrepreneur or doing both. I can help with starting a business and doing sales. I can help with making high-leverage connections with others. I can help with general issues of career and finding fulfillment in life and career. My best clients are ambitious, creative, intelligent, and alternative in their thoughts and lifestyle. I only work with a handful of clients so I don't pressure anyone and the fit has to be right. I generally offer two free sessions. One to get to know you and a second to share a plan of action for you (useful whether we work together or not) and explain the packages I offer. After the free introductory sessions, I can offer a 30-35% discount on a 12-week package depending on the package you choose.

    You can send me a message through the email link on my profile page to set up a call.

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    I made Hello Rails ( this past summer which is a modern course designed to help you start using and understanding Ruby on Rails fast. Use the code INDIEHACKER to get 15% off the master version of the course. Expires at the end of this year!

    Feel free to reach out with any questions via the site.

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