Product Development June 11, 2020

Do you have advisors for your project?

dqmonn @dqmonn

We probably all know these startups that have an advisory board as large as their founding team. Former professors, friends, giants in the industry.

Have you been trying to find advisors like that? If so, what do they help with?

If not, why not?

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    We do. It's really helpful when me and my cofounder have a disagreement about something and we can get a third opinion. Or just to have someone we are accountable to and is watching from a higher level. He's also put in a good word for us at an accelerator he mentors at, which was helpful, and has sent a bunch of prospective users our way.

    We connected with him sort of accidentally - he found us on Product Hunt and was interested in using the product and it grew from there. I wouldn't necessarily go out of my way to find an advisor, but you might bump into people from time to time who could help you out with something, so good to keep an eye out.

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      Did you ask him to be your advisor?

      I have people I've come across and talked to over the past year, that I think would be good to have as advisors, but I'm not sure how I'd ask them.

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        Yeah - after a few rounds of me sending him an email with a big question, or jumping on a call to discuss something I proposed making it more formal and having some (equity options) compensation for his time/effort and bringing him in more officially.

        I'd say think ahead of time what sort of arrangement you would want, and how you would plan to compensate them and propose that as a starting point but be open to what they propose back.

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    I would love to have some advisors. I don't know how to find them without fee:-) But your service looks interesting:-)

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      how long have u been working on the project

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        10 years:-) You don't have contact info on your profile. I don't have LinkedIn Premium. Send me an email when you get a chance:-)