Do you indie hack alone or in a communal space?

I'm curious to see the result but also interested in the reasoning. Why do you choose what you choose?

Do you indie hack alone or in a communal space?
  1. Alone
  2. Shared communal space
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    I do it alone i need full focus

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    Alone. It’s a lonely world, but the only one I know 🥲

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    Default is home. Once in a while I'll work from a cafe to break up the monotony. I used to like working in cafes more but the truth is I'm far less productive there and I'll usually go there to procrastinate doing something. That's on top of the other usual issues, wifi is often unreliable, can be loud, can't get a seat, and other things.

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    I like my co-working space with a private office, I spend about half my time in the co-working space and half at my home office.

    When I need to do deep work or be on the phone alot, I find myself working from home. If I am feeling a little extraverted or want to bounce ideas off of other founders I go into the coworking space.

    Flexibility is key for me.

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    I do it alone at home, but its been a little lonely lately, sometimes it is hard to get other people around you interested in what you are doing, so I'll probably try to find a place to join other indie hackers soon 👍

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      That makes sense. It does get lonely and I find that many times your coworkers are some of the first people to evangelize your product. It's tough but I hope it gets less lonely for you soon.

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    I try to surround myself with other indie hackers because otherwise it's lonely 😂 How about you?

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      I tend to be the exact opposite. I really prefer to isolate myself when working, no matter what it is. I like to separate co-working and productive working just because I get so much more done when alone. I definitely benefit from having others around me, both mentally and through knowledge share, but I have so much to do that I find myself working alone most of the time.

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        Oh whoops! I think I misunderstood the question. Sorry! I indie hack alone at home most of the time, but I like having a small community of indie hackers where I can share updates and what not so maybe we're similar?

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          Exactly! I would say we are more similar than different in that sense.

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