Do you know somebody who would pay for a digital business card service?

Hey awesome people!

I was working on my personal website these couple of days (lexpaval.com), and I was thinking, I can do this for other people as well.

There are lawyers, doctors, architects, designers, and freelancers from other industries that would benefit from a personal website with a portfolio and all that.

They can afford to pay $10 a month to have this kind of service, but would they? All services included (copywriting, design, logo if needed, coaching for personal pictures, portfolio, all that)

Sure, it's a personal website, but I see it as a digital business card since you can just share your website and have basically the same effect as sharing a business card. Even better, you can open to so much more.

What do you think, would you pay for this kind of service, or do you know somebody who can benefit from this kind of service?

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    @LexPaval hey, the carrds.co / linktree game is booming and I think there is room for more. they have set a very low pricepoint which could end up making it a hard market to compete. But it's a massive market. There are a lot of people who'd love a simple card style landing page who aren't interested in a full blown website, and also do not have or want the skills to do anything other than type in their details with the layout already built.

    But had you thought about a big automated thing, or were you just looking to do a few hand-crafted ones for a local market?

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      I was thinking more of hand-crafted ones for the local market to make some extra money on the side while also getting to know people from different professional fields.

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        yeah you'll certainly find a few take it up. But not sure it would make much and it could be a lot of leg work to find customers. but if you're just after a small hussle then go for it.

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      Hmm, I'm curious how many customers they have, but this looks promising, at least.

      Thanks for sharing!

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    I don't think so. If a friend of mine wanted this done, they could use https://carrd.co/ for $19 a year instead of $10 a month. What features will you offer that are unique?

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      I will do it for them, without having them do anything.

      I will write the copy, make the necessary research in order to have a good looking profile in that industry and all that.

      Put the pictures in the right places, guide what kind of pictures work best, all that marketing/design part besides the technical part.

      Sure, technical people can do it for themselves, or have friends that do it for them.

      But I was curious if maybe a non-tech guy, let's say, a veterinarian would use this kind of service.

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    Maybe add a calendly-like functionality (or simply allow for integration in the beginning) ? And perhaps, integrate a previous-work review system for people who have worked with them before?

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