May 18, 2019

Do you need an Emotion Journal?

Yoshua Kishi @Yoshua

We are now creating an emotion journal for ADHD / Anxiety.
I have ADHD and want to help people like me.
This app will help to keep an emotional journal to get organized for them.

We are all engineers and I don't know how to deliver to the world.

iOS: Google Play:

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    Can you please elaborate on what you mean by emotional journal, Yoshua

    1. 1

      Our app is like a chatbot but emotion journal.
      You can keep your emotion journal by recording your voice with your emotion, and our AI assistant called Ashlee will reply to you based on CBT.

      1. 1

        If I get it right it is to track one's emotions? If so, what's is the benefit of that?

        1. 1

          It helps you to overcome your negative emotions like anxiety or depression, and also our AI will cheer you up.
          So it means your self-recognition improves and self-esteem grows.

          1. 1

            To be honest, it doesn't make much sense to me. Let's say one has public speaking anxiety. Will talking to a chatbot help? I really doubt that.
            I have the same doubts about self-esteem. I'm a coach and I read a lot of psychological and self-help literature but I never saw any references to research that would correlate journalling and improved self-esteem (unless, it's reflecting on specific topics).
            Don't want to discourage you in any way. Maybe I'm just missing something.
            Also I think where emotional journalling definitely can be helpful is in the development of Emotional Intelligence, which always starts with observing one's emotions.
            And by the way, google store says your app is incompatible with my Pixel 2. That's a bit strange.

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              Sorry for Pixel2, I need to fix it....

            2. 1

              Actually, there are many kinds of research on journaling impact on self-esteem or self-efficacy and cope with anxiety, depression, or some mental illnesses.

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