Ideas and Validation October 27, 2020

Do you need someone to do market research on?

Scott Rogowski @scottrogowski

I've spent almost three months building something and I'm now struggling to gain traction with it. During an interview for an incubator, they suggested I read, "The Mom Test", which basically provides a framework for understanding your market BEFORE you start building. Well, now I'm realizing that it's better late than never and I would like to validate my ideas with some proper market research.

As a token to the community, I can offer myself up for market research with no reciprocity. I will happily answer questions either over text or videochat. Am I in your target market? Here is some of my demographic info that might help you decide:

  • Engineering manager in data.
  • College degree
  • Lives in Denver
  • Does not own a car
  • Travels often
  • Mostly interested in outdoor pursuits as a hobby
  • Not a big media consumer (neither games nor tv nor movies)

I'll answer questions with no reciprocity. However, if you are inclinced, on my side, I'm looking to ask a few questions specifically to software engineers. Bonus points if you work in data and/or have leadership experience.

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    Hey Scott! Perfect 🎯 Let’s tee something up!

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      Awesome. I'm available tomorrow 9-12 MST or 3-5. What works for you?

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        Let's organise over email! 😊 andrew at

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    Hi Scott, I'm a full stack web developer from the U.K. with some experience managing small teams.

    Myself and a few others are currently building a collaborative cloud-based platform for founders and their support network, bringing all the insights gathered through testing market potential into one simple place to make building a venture simpler, faster, and more likely to succeed. Unlike other business tools, insights and outputs intelligently prepopulate analysis tools so founders can spend less time collating information and more time making informed strategic business decisions. #elevatorpitch

    If you'd be at all interested in a quick zoom call I'd be delighted to show you what we have, set you up with an account and also answer any questions you have about your product!

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      Hi Ric,

      Sure thing. I'd be happy to meet. Here is my calendly. Book any open time:

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    Hi Scott, i am at the moment trying to validate and idea we are working on related to remote working. if you have a minute I will really appreciate if you fill up our survey.

    We need answers from people that work in Startups mainly. We are based in Spain and we are struggling to get answers from other countries at the moment. I am not a software engineer but if there is anything I can help you with let me know. Thanks!

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      Done. I answered this considering my role at my previous company given that I'm self employed now and my answers would otherwise not be relevant.

      Let me know if I can help you out more.

      Other feedback:

      What chat system do yo use at work? *
      ^ typo yo->you

      In your first week at work, what was the more challenging part? *
      ^ This might be better as a written question. My first week at work is always desperately working as hard as possible to make a good first impression and contribute somehow.

      How often do you work remote? *
      ^ Need an option between "One day a week or more" and "never". For me, it was 1-3 times a month except when I was traveling in which case it was every day. So maybe also this as a written question?

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        Thanks for all the comments!

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    Hi Scott! I’d be more than happy to! In fact I set up a website that helps handle this exact type of user interview exchange . I literally just set it live an hour ago. If you sign up and post your request I’ll be the first to apply :)

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      I also sign up! thanks for sharing the link

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        Thanks for signing up! Hopefully, you get an email alert with folks in your target segment soon :)

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      Signed up! Glad you appeared at exactly my time of need.

      I have started compiling feedback and will send it over once I get through the whole experience.

      In the short term, I don't think the calendarly connection worked. There were several steps on your site, I went to calendarly for the first step, and when I came back, I didn't see anything there.

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        @scottrogowski Thanks for signing up, I might be a good user for you, you should get an email alert with my application :)

        Thanks so much for your specific, helpful, feedback. I'll work on the Calendly setup flow today and tomorrow since it's core to the experience. In the meantime, you can update the Calendly link by going to your profile or going back to here (as long as you're logged in):

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    @scottrogowski, I’m a software engineer and open to an exchange! I’m looking for folks who think about mentoring software engineers works in their team—is that you?

    (The Mom Test is a brilliant book that helped me a lot too.)

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      Perfect! I managed a group of 4 in my last company (5 when we had our summer intern) so I have experience with mentoring. I am not managing anyone now as I'm fulltime on my startup. If I fit, let's set something up!

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        @scottrogowski, can you DM me on twitter or my email and we'll get something set up? (Both links in my IHer profile)

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          Sent an email. Looking forward to it!

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            Cool, I’ll grab a slot on you calendar... it might be in 2 weeks but look forward to connecting!

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