October 8, 2019

Do you often hire freelance workers?

I've sort of accidentally built an MVP for a cool freelancing platform with an interesting twist and it appears useful to the few of my friends who are using it. But I want to focus on a niche of tasks, in the beginning.
Do you yourself use freelance websites such as Fiverr or upwork to realize tasks in your work or for your personal projects? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Also, hit me up if you're intrigued ;)

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    We use Fiverr and Upwork for freelancers but it can be hit and miss.

    Sounds like a cool platform you have built - I'd be keen to give it a go when you're ready

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      Thank you, I look forward to sharing it with more people

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    I use Upwork for more serious, complicated tasks like coding/programming, and fiverr for smaller tasks like simple graphic design or odd jobs.

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    We also use freelancers at DeployPlace.

    We use Fiverr and Upwork.

    Those too covers it all.

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    I'm a freelance writer and I sometimes hire freelance editors to review my work.

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      Thanks for the comment. Do you use any platform like Upwork or Fiverr? Or maybe you find them another way?

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        I use Upwork but also directly contract with clients. I used a "grab the next job" platform when I was first getting started. Most of them place freelancers in tiers and you can only take jobs if your tier qualifies. For example, a tier 1 freelancer couldn't take a tier 4 task but a tier 4 freelancer could take any task listed in tiers 1 though 4.

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    We used 99 designs for illustrations

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      Cool, never heard about this platform before, seems promising thanks for sharing!

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    i used upwork few times already mainly for website front and backend dev, but i dont let them scope the project out for me, i usually just have them finish specific items but in the end the whole project comes together.

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    What's the twist?

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      It works though a Slack plugin and eliminate the freelance selection step - which obviously makes it more suited to some tasks than others.

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        What is the freelance selection step? Is that the part where I choose which freelancer I want to work with?

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          Basically. You upload your work, bid a price and wait for your work to come back.

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    Can we see the platform?

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      Actually, it's a slack plugin! Basically, it let you upload your work, bid a price and wait for your work to come back. It's currently used by about... 10 people (that is, my friends) right now and I would like to increase its scale a bit.