Developers January 17, 2020

Do you read tech magazines?

Jason @Jsnmtr

Fellow devs, what are your top 2 tech magazine subscription recommendation?

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    I like CODE Magazine a lot (, and I believe you can get a free one year subscription to it right now if you sign up for Visual Studio Dev Essentials (or have a Visual Studio subscription like Pro.) I love having a physical copy so I can still be learning, but in a disconnected way.

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      I love physical copies too! Thanks for the suggestion, I will definitely check it out!

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    I don't want to be too negative, but tech is the only field where I would not buy print magazines. Having said that, Stripe just started a print version of their magazine, which seems interesting.

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    Sorry, I know it is off topic but I listen to the Indie Hackers and Software Engineering Daily podcasts and find them very beneficial.

    Is used to get a physical copy of MSDN Magazine back when I was working as a .NET dev and thought that was pretty good for .NET ecosystem information.

    I also used to read Dr. Dobbs way back in the day.

    Totally off topic again: I typed in like ten pages of Basic code from Family Computing Magazine when I was like 11 maybe. They actually used to print entire programs back then! Who needs GitHub anyway?

    It was a simple, snake like game but in '83 I felt like some kind of serious hacker man! :-)

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      I love podcasts too! I love physical magazines as well! especially when my eyes need a break from screen.

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        I used to buy O Riley books all the time before the online service came out. Now I read a lot of books digitally.

        I hear you though, I like a real book once in a while. I read science fiction and generally just check out books from the library for that. I go for the classics.

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    The only time I do that is if it's in a language I'm learning and I want something I can doodle on and use for intensive practice.

    In general I lean towards either books, or single-topic blog posts.

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    Like physical magazines?

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