Deals December 2, 2019

Do you sell a paid for SaaS, product or resource for web designers/developers/makers?

Adam Greenough @adamgreenough

If so, would anybody be interested in offering a small discount to my 1200+ members in exchange for the publicity of being featured on our member perks page highlighted to all users? No affiliate programs necessary (although they don't hurt!).

Must be relevant to web designers/developers/makers.

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    Nice offer :)

    We built for SaaS companies. SaaS seems to be very hot with makers at the moment.

    If you think it adds value for your audience let me know and we can come up with a good deal for them.

    P.S. love that you're proactively looking to help your audience, last time I tried contacting someone in a different industry they wanted to charge me 10k to show the product to their audience even though it was perfect for them.

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      Thank you @volkandkaya! Would love to connect. Seems like a great topical product. Please could you drop me a line at [email protected] with your thoughts for an offer.

      Thank you for your kind words. Seems like a win win win to collab with other product owners. My members get benefits, my members happy with me and the product owner gets a thousand+ new eyes on their product! 😃

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        Actually just got back ", ERROR_CODE :550, ERROR_CODE :High probability of spam" :)

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    I really like this idea/offer. My product is for BI analysts, marketing analysts, data lake developers, etc. Somewhat similar to your market but I want to focus in my local geographic area to start in order to build relationships and carefully choose early customers who are going to be a good fit for the early product.

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    I have a product I am working on that would be great for them. It's unfortunately not ready yet, but I'll shoot you an email and we can stay in contact.

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    Just signed on ;) I think it is too early for promoting but wish you luck ;)

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      Thank you! Hope you will come when your product is ready to promote.

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        No, I mean I thinks is too fast for your community, now you have 1500 users, how many are active? You want start promoting other companies but I think they wont have any changes in sales, I think is better focus on community now but of course maybe I am wrong

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          Well it's a very targeted audience and emails go out to a large portion of them. If other small companies want to get a bit of extra promotion it can't hurt can it. I know I would certainly like the opportunity for my project to be on someone elses site. Every little helps.

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            yes, I think your approach is good and that can be good for your audience

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    Just sent you an email @adamgreenoug through your site

    Great idea

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      Thank you! Have replied. :)

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    We have a typography design tool for web designers called Archetype - - although it's free to use anyway, so that's the discount! :)

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    Just send you an email using the contact form, I think Doka is a great fit.

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    Hey we need some more details can you share it on [email protected].

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