Do you survey your customers?

Do you survey your customers? If so how?

How do you collect feedback from your customers?

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    Yep, I send two survey emails.

    One is for new customers who have just started using the product for the first time and haven't bought it yet. I send them an email the day after to ask how they found out about it and whether it's matching their expectations so far. It's a good way to increase conversions as some users often reply back with questions about the product I can answer.

    The second email I send to users after their first purchase - it has a link to a google survey that helps me measure my NPS and capture any other thoughts and feedback they might have.

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      How do you get your customers? What's your "reply rate" on that first email?
      (I'm asking 'cause my reply rate is pretty bad -- one thing I just implemented - send the first email in the language of the user, right now handling en/es/it/nl)

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        My acquisitions channels are a mix of search, adwords and word of mouth. The reply rate on that first "welcome" email is ~3-4%. I don't have any localization yet but I am currently mostly targetting users just in the UK/EU and US.

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          I'm also doing adwords, but when I target several countries, google does its thing, and it will end up targetting 2-3 countries for 90% of the ads.

          (In my case, right now, it's Spain, Italy & Netherlands. I've translated my welcome email into those languages, and I'm thinking of localizing my whole app.)

          About google adwords - is there an option to make sure to target all countries more or less equally?

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            I'm not sure whether you can have it target countries equally in one campaign - it'll try to optimize results based on the traffic so if you get more search from Italy, that's where you'll spend your budget.

            If you want to equalize it the only way, I think, would be to have individual campaigns for each country with an equal budget set to each.

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              Right, makes sense. I'll have to let it run like this for a while, and see what happens :)

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    Yes, surveys & feedback loops are important.

    @ValCanBuild mentioned some good points.

    • Along with that even before starting to build a product survey helps to validate product idea
    • Send survey of new feature launch

    To keep the survey response rate high include multiple-choice questions instead of text, keep it short. Customers are often lazy and get demotivate to fill long forms.

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      Beware of product survey emails for validating ideas, though. Make sure you phrase them correctly and send them to the correct audience.

      When I was validating Thankbox I had put a survey out on Twitter and a bunch of tech bros who really don't fancy the whole "group card" idea basically tore it down. I went with it anyway though, cause they weren't the target audience.

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        Agree, survey only your target audience.

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    We are building a free survey tool at hockeystack.com

    Will launch it next week on PH :)

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