Landing Page Feedback May 16, 2019

Do you understand what our software does? ($50k in MRR)

Aurelien Amacker @systemeio

At we have a landing page with a mini quizz but we get complaints from people who say they don't understand what our software does so we built a new landing page:

Could you please give us your opinion about it?
Do you understand what our software does? Are there any typos?

Thank you very much for helping!


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    I agree with the opinion about the 1st landing page.
    The second landing page looks much better. I have a few suggestions though.
    This section - "You Can Start ANY Online Business TODAY For FREE" Is not that clear. Probably the heading should have been more specific like easy tools to build live landing page with ease.
    Also it would be better if the user reviews are a carousel, right now its crowding the landing page at the bottom.

    PS: Do you mind sharing your opinion on this thread?

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      Thank you, I've commented your post

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    Still not super clear.

    You do emails. And help people sell.

    Maybe give combos of stuff you replace.

    System = Drip + Gumroad

    System = Mailchimp + Shopify

    Something like that?

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      Ok thank you. Could be Clickfunnels + ActiveCampaign

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    The first page is hard to understand, I answer "yes" to your first question (but maybe wouldn't have bothered if I hadn't been trying to review the page for you because it feels weird) and then I instantly click on "no" for the next question because you haven't even told me what specifically you are doing. It would be like someone coming up to you on the street and asking you if you liked ice cream, and when you said "yes" they asked you to sign some paper work. It's weird and you would instantly tell them to get lost. Your second page is better because it has more information about what your product is and I can read through it before I decide to start a trial. But i feel like it is upside down, hook first, pitch second.

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    Hey, yeah, isn't clear to me what you're selling. I had a look at ClickFunnels. Seems like simplified landing page design with additional integrations. "More than Sales Funnel" should be "More than a Sales Funnel". Should your logo in the top lefthand corner be That's how it's written everywhere else

    1. 1 is indeed the correct name of the brand

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    I'd start with a traditional landing page. Once you have enough traffic, you can A/B test the quiz page and see if it's better.

    We've seen a lot of landing pages in our lives. Have you seen one that tells you nothing and presents a quiz? It's improbable that it has never been tried. There are only a handful of ways to "sell". I'd stick to them.

    For me in particular, the two headlines create different expectations.

    "Launch your online business" -> create a legal entity, do the tech work to build and deploy the product.
    "Grow your email list. Build sales funnels. Sell your products" -> Acquiring customers.

    They just sound like different things to me.

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    Well... maybe the second page is more clear for end users but... it looks just awful.
    Sorry if I hurt your feelings but I think it would be better to know the truth :)
    It looks much cheaper, kitschy like it's not a serious business but just one more info product.
    Too big fonts, too little space, too long lines of text, too bad color combinations like red button on blue background... oh my eyes! (btw I saw the same combination on the page one)
    Your first page looks much better if not to take into account the survey you start user's visits. Why is that? It looks like you don't trust visitors? What if I just want to check your website and suddenly I should ask some pretty private questions?
    As for understanding your product... why wouldn't you just say what is your product, how it solves whose and what problem?
    Hope it helps.
    Good luck!