August 22, 2020

Do you use a URL Shortener?

Tim @timleland

Curious who uses a url shortener when sharing links. What service do you use and why?

What link shortener service do you use?
  1. Bitly
  2. T.LY
  3. Tinyurl
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    I am planning to code our own this week, generating links starting with It should take a few hours and we can use for many more things. I think it is best to have short links leading to the domain you own.

    1. 1

      Yes definitely having your own domain is great. T.LY allows you to use your own domain for shortening links.

      1. 2

        This is really cool! I’ve always wanted to find and use my own domain for a link shortner.

        1. 1

          Yes really easy to setup and brand your personal links 👍

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        Have a look at my URL shortening service Supports custom domains and subdomains.

      3. 1

        Sure, but it sounds much easier to build our own. Instead of studying API and how to rewrite DNS records and trying to integrate something, it is better it directly since it does not increase the complexity of our project that much. In general, I prefer to not depend on many small services, in the end we try to aggregate everything into OrgPad.

        Your service is likely still useful to people who don't have great coding skills or don't know our secret weapon called Clojure. Probably my approach is little extreme for folks here.

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    I use quite often - not to track link clicks but simply to send nice-looking google docs/sheets/forms to members of the community that I run. The free version works fine for this.

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    The most usage of short links is tracking clicks I guess, rather than decreasing length of the link :D

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    Recently I needed to use one, I opened up couldn't remember the password. Couldn't reset it and just leave it. Took a quick look on alternatives where their names doesn't sound sketchy, couldn't find it. After I've given up, I realized Google Analytics on the page already show me where users come in. 🤷‍♂️ I wanted to see the numbers only, so it was a bit redundant at that point. I'm not sure what else these services offer, except shortening the links.

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    Does firebase provide URL shortener?

  6. 1

    For quick uses, I use

  7. 1

    I use rebrandly.

    They have a good free tier and a good api.

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    It's been at least a couple of years since I used one(was doing a lot of digital ads back then). mainly used it to track the results for campaigns on FB and Twitter.

    The ones were Bitly and the now-defunct Google URL Shortner. Lately seeing Bitly links getting some flak online, largely related to promotions and spam.

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    I used to use some for masking long links with affiliates and/or tracking codes like analytics.
    I also used a few times when I needed to manually type or read out links for silly reasons.
    Not a consistent user.

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