November 8, 2019

Do you volunteer your time with any charities?


I had an amazing experience attending a one day design sprint at a charity based in the UK. It was really well organised, there were a lot of ideas generated and I’m excited to see if they run with any.

Charities are crying out for people with tech skills to help them deliver their mission.

Do you work with any charities and if so, in what capacity?

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    this is something I need to be more proactive about. I've volunteered at food banks/shelters here and there. My goal is to turn this into something I do weekly/biweekly

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      That’s awesome, I’d love it give back more too. Would you consider working with charities in a capacity more related to your job? I get that charities need boots on the ground, but I also wonder if more impact can be made by helping them with tech related projects. What do you think?

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        I've definitely thought about it. I'm not sure if I'd have the time capacity get any meaningful work done for the charities. The boots on the ground situation works out for me since I can commit two hours and get a lot done. Two hours is not nearly enough to make an impact if I were to be spending it engineering imo.

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          Makes sense, expectations are managed on both sides then. However, do you think there are ways that even two hours could make an impact - maybe a quick roadmap meeting to give a sense of effort required for certain tasks, or a discussion around technical architecture for a new feature? It could even be remote, for example on a video call?

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