Do your parents also constantly forget their passwords?

Ok random idea time!

Just wanted to get a feeler for this one, as validation is key! Does anyone else here have parents (or anyone else close to them) that constantly loses their passwords for emails, etc, and you end up spending time dealing with it? Ever get in a situation where they didn’t even have a recovery email or phone # set up? Locked out indefinitely? Yeah, horrible.

If anyone thinks it would be useful to have some sort of central location for all of this, please let me know. Would be happy to build such a thing. Here are some further details:

  • You’re already stuck helping out with it, so why not make it easier for yourself to just have everything you need at a glance?
  • Maybe it’s sort of like a shared password manager type of thing? Just with features specific to this and the ability to share with siblings or others?
  • How about a burner phone # and/or email address (for an extra fee?) where you’d receive any recovery codes for these accounts and stuff?

Nothing too crazy, really just somewhere centralized where the information for such accounts stay organized. I guess the hardest part is to remember to add the details each time your mom (for example) creates a new account on a website. Hmmm 🤔

By all means, share anything you’d like. Tell me it’s smart. Tell me it’s stupid. (Please give reasons lol.) Let’s just have a conversation!

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    I'd love to see something where they can remember a single password (or few passwords) that unlock a bunch of automated/generated passwords that are hashed or just generally more secure. Their passwords to sites / logins should be the generated ones, but access to them needs to be seamless.

    If it was one password - I'll use a generic one like Address123 that they enter in to some tool / extension (but it'd have to be mobile/web/etc, too) that would then autofill a more secure password that is actually associated with the account. I've yet to see something like this.

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      Interesting! Though also likely problematic haha. If anyone gets their easy Address123 password, they are still screwed. But maybe we can limit it by IP address or something since this may mostly just happen at home??

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    Yes to all of the above! And you look in the password book but it’s been changed. The best set up has been having team viewer set up so it’s easier to help. Would love a simple password manager that the family could share. Potential for abuse and insurance issues. If you’ve shared your bank passwords you’re not protected against frauds and scams. Good luck if you can come up with a solution which needs to as close to a password notebook and not too techy.

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    Just today, my dad had asked me to proof read a letter on his PC. I had to install and sign up on Grammarly for his future use. I used his Gmail ID and asked him what his password was which he couldn't remember. He got his secrets diary where he keeps his passwords written in handwriting. Those didn't work as well.
    His passwords are horrible and so predictable, I was able to guess it in 3 tries.

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    Using chrome solves all your problems:

    1. Auto suggest completely random hash for password.
    2. Save password in the cloud
    3. Use 2 step verification for more security.
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      I’m not so sure. I wouldn’t want to have my parents accounts jumbled in with all of my other account info on Chrome. And you mention 2FA? I wouldn’t want to use my own phone # for this stuff either. That’s why I think it would be beneficial to have a central location for all of it and even have a burner phone # for the 2FA.

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    Sometimes they forget them but most of the time their passwords are just so bad that it makes me cringe hard haha. I tried setting up a password manager for them a while back but they didn't really care much for it.

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      lol i'm totally with you. good to know, thanks! guess this is a lost cause?? it's such a horrible experience haha its crazy

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