Developers February 12, 2020

Docsify editor?


Anyone here using Docsify? If so can some one tell how we can quickly write the doc pages without much code?

I'm looking for an editor rather than typing each markdown syntax. If you have a better workflow, please suggest.

I earlier used Gitbook but its costly for us initially and docsify looks like a great alternative but lacking the awesome ui editor like gitbook.


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    This is an interesting problem.

    I might have a solution in a few months.

    But for now I am looking at GitBook to use for as I want a UI and the least amount of excuses to update the docs.

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    I have looked at few options but ended up using for producing documentation here -

    You can look at the repo for the documentation - There is a Makefile in the root folder which helps me test it locally and push to Netlify when ready.

    Let me know if you have any questions.