Documented the journey from my first job to building my web app while living abroad

I documented how I went from my first job at Twitter to building Lunch Money abroad: https://lunchbag.ca/my-journey-so-far/

I've been wanting to do this for a while. I'm hoping to blog more since it is a nice escape and change of pace from programming and other business-related matters. I love that it's a chance for me to get personal with my users and if I can inspire anyone to take a leap and do something even a little bit out of the ordinary, that would be awesome, too.

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    Stumbled upon your story. Really great Jen!

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    @lunchbag Checked out your app and the design is gorgeous! What was your stack?
    Crazy how you implemented so many features in a short span of time. :)

    Also- you're probably aware but when I tried to link my Capital One account it gave me errors. I know this is a problem on their end because it's been happening on Mint too.

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      Thanks! Quick stack roll call– react, node.js, postgresql, redis (queues), mocha (tests), all in Typescript!

      Re: Capital One– ah yeah. It's been really frustrating dealing with that since October of last year! I'm hopeful a fix is on the horizon though!

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        Awesome! Thanks for sharing. :)
        I know it's not trivial putting all those things together. Great work!

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    Whoa, this is super inspiring. I can wait to see how much Lunch Money will continue to grow!

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    I love your story Jen. Would you be interested in sharing it on careermove.io?

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      Thanks! What does sharing it on careermove.io entail?

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      Thank you for reading!

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    This comment was deleted 10 months ago.

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      Thank you for reading!

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    This comment was deleted 9 months ago.

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      Awesome! Can't wait to get there soon :)

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