Does anybody need help with feedback or growth?

Hi Everyone,

I'd love to work with someone and help them enhance their product by giving feedback. I am a product manager in SaaS startup and have worked extensively on the product growth side as well. Since I am working remotely I have enough time after work which I can spend on doing constructive things like giving back to IH community which has taught me so much.

So shoot your landing pages, website links, etc in the comments and I shall check them out and give feedback. Also, I am doing this for free. I don't intend to earn anything from this. All I want is to give back and help amazing founders in whichever capacity I can!

EDIT: Loving the response which I am getting here. Please allow me some time to get back. I have to use some of the products by myself and gather my thoughts around it. Keep pouring the links and I shall get back!

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    I definitely need help with this site: https://vietnameseaccent.com

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    I would love your feedback on https://getkoya.com/. THANK YOU. I am so grateful for you! Courtney@getkoya.com

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      Hi Courtney,

      I checked out the app. First of all, onboarding video quality is really good.

      When I downloaded the app, synced my contacts and location, I found it difficult to understand what is to be done. You have navigate users what Koya is. Guided tour could really help here as this is a new concept and might need some help in understanding which guided tour messages can help with.

      The first tab of the app is “Sent” which says Send Koya. The second tab is Home tab. This tab says “create Koya”. I didn’t get exactly why would I be sending Koya with links to my friends who are in my contact list. I’d rather use text message for it. However I think really value could be, allowing people to send messages based on location. For eg. If I can send you a Koya in some way even if I don’t have your contact number, that would be a cool feature.

      I am presuming you are not thinking about monetising it at the moment and right now your focus is on getting critical mass of users so that network effects could kick in.

      For that to happen, I think, koya needs to be less no of things and on-boarding needs to be very very simple and should be thought of from first principles so that any user can understand it.

      The location based messaging can be used by brands as hyperlocal advertising or you can plug in discounts or coupons or giveaways in this. But I think this is a very long term thing and app needs to attract some critical mass.

      Do let me know if I got something wrong here. Happy to correct myself. Would love to know why you created Koya?

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        I am absolutely blown away by your feedback! Thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts. What you shared is incredibly helpful and spot on. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

        We simply created KOYA to make it possible for people to show up for their friends and family in a more meaningful way. Trust is established in micro-moments and these moments are often missed when people live away from one another. The idea is that KOYA will become a touchpoint for users in Long-distant relationships and beyond.

        To see our vision realized and turn on our B2B opportunities, you are right, we need to attract some critical mass.

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    I would appreciate your feedback on www.wisecharlie.com. Thank you for your help!

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      Is this "Charlie Munger"?

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        Yep, that’s right. :)

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      I might have to try this out ha

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    Hi @PiyushDinde! Great initiative. We're trying to find people with problems that don't necessarily have the means to build a solution, or the interest to become entrepreneurs. We can take care of the technology and business side of things.
    https://vividlabs.ro is the website.

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    Yes, that would be amazing. I did a Beta launch (just put it online) of a travel app www.hopupon.com.

    Takes flights and turns them into adventures by adding stops to your journey

    Hard thing is can't get conversions right now because of Covid, so building SEO and audience.

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    I would appreciate your feedback for https://fakefiller.com. Thanks :)

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    Please review https://blanq.io and let me know the direction to take. Currently, there are so many in my head but, would be interested to hear your take.

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    I'd love to hear your feedback on https://writing9.com
    Thanks in advance

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      Loved the landing page. To the point and I understood the value proposition in one go. I couldn't use the product as payment is mandatory.

      I loved how simple it is to use the product. Have you tried selling your product to coaching institutes and high school? I think a lot of users might come from there and also you can make some simple changes in the product and make it an essay checking product. Expanding it to other markets such as GMAT, LSAT, TOEFL, etc can give you additional markets to expand. You can give them a drop-down option on Check Essay and allow them to select their examination. Your product is amazing so don't restrict yourself to only IELTS.

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        Hi @PiyushDinde.

        Thanks for your feedback.

        I have not tried to contact teachers and schools but I have always wanted to.
        Since I wanted to niche the product and I know something about the IELTS exams I decided to make the service only for IELTS students. But maybe it's a good time to think about expanding this niche.

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          Absolutely! I think what you can do is take one exam at a time where essay is required and talk to someone who has given the exam. Ask them about the essay process and read about it online as well. Since you know well about IELTS, you have nailed it. Do the same for the rest. It should work! Let me know if you need help in figuring this out. Keep killing! :)

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    I'd love to get some free feedback on https://noorahq.com

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      Hi Glenn, I interacted with your product a bit. Loved the simplicity. Here is a notion doc link for my complied feedback.


      How long have you been working on this?

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        Thanks for the feedback - I've been working on this for about 6 months now.

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    Hi Piyush!
    I'm very interested in hearing your feedback for our product, find it here https://elyah.io
    Details under the product tab or here: https://elyah.io/product

    I'd love to hear what you think can improve/ how to start getting users!

    My best,

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      Hi @youthful_wiring

      Unfortunately, I know very little about the domain you are working in. So I would not be able to comment on the value proposition of the product.

      However, I can talk about the landing page. Instead of having menu options popping out from the left, can you try having it on the header as a header strip? The reason is I couldn't figure out where to look at because I could see only dots on the right. Having a header strip with options such as pricing, product details, etc has a less cognitive load. In developer tools such as yours, it is always advisable to have some customer reviews placed somewhere. If you don't have any customers then offer your product for free for someone who you know from the industry and ask their permission to post it on the website.

      One question: Would you call your product more on the enterprise side than pure saas? By looking at your product and use case, I think adoption by a company is more likely to pay you than some enthusiast working on it for his/her project. If that is the case then it makes sense for you to start selling and approaching enterprises and see if it fits their requirements. This should lower your feedback cycle.

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    Hello Piyush,
    I recently published an app called Memember: https://memember.app

    Memember is your personal meme warehouse. Have you ever had a situation when a perfect meme would express more than any word? With Memember you can easily store, label and search memes either from your local storage or from URL. Adding a meme is easy and fast, simply share a link into Memember app and you're done!
    While searching, you can either use label filtering or simply search for a keyword.

    I would be more than happy to hear some feedback from you!

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      Hey, I am figuring an android phone for trying this out. I shall get back to you very soon!

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    @PiyushDinde thanks for your generosity!

    It's called tabby.us - An AI-based plugin that removes unnecessary tabs automatically and silently. Launching our PH this week.
    Email: team@tabby.us

    Thanks again for what you are doing for IH.

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      Hi team Tabby, You have got another customer as I am someone who usually faces the issues of having hundreds of tabs opened on my browser.

      I loved the neat presentation on your landing page. It is very clean and gives me the complete idea of the product's value proposition. Videos are really helpful!. The amount of effort you have taken for this is simply amazing. I have worked on browser extensions for couple of months and I know it is a very competitive business and even difficult to monetize. Not all extensions can cut through the clutter get customers to pay. If you don't mind me asking, how are you planning to monetize this?

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        Hey @PiyushDinde thanks a lot for your review. It's really helpful and it encourages us to progress. You said it: super hard to monetize it, so we're not even sure we'll succeed one day so we prefer thinking of this as a side-project. We believe that the value will come from the critical mass of users and some golden nugget features that they will ask. What would be your input on this business model question?
        If you want to share your ideas, request features we would love to have this 1-1 talk with you via email. We would really benefit from your experience and your benevolence.

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          Sure @tabbydotus I’d love to have a word with you and brainstorm. You can mail me at piyushdinde@gmail.com and we can take it from there.

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    Hey, Piyush.

    I would like to know your feedback on my Saas product, Designtack.


    Thank you!

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      I loved the GIF which you have placed on the first fold of the page. I instantly understood what the product is all about. I used the product as well and it does the job.

      Your idea is simple and I think a lot of non-designer folks for whom Figma, canva, paint, photoshop etc is a complete black box might work. I have worked in marketing/advertising agencies and I honestly don't think tons of agencies would be paying $60/year for this solution. It would be great if you could add a gif creation as a part of your product suite as well. Creating multiple sizes that are suitable for different social media platforms might not be a very lucrative proposition. It is good to have feature but not enough for me to get me paying $6/m for this. All in all liked the landing page but in order to start selling this, I think you will have to add some more features. But before you do that, ask some existing users which features they would like to see.

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        Thank you for the thorough feedback, Piyush. I would take this into consideration.

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    Thanks @PiyushDinde - would love feedback on our landing page and app! https://wildkard.io

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      I was amazed to see you have almost $10K MRR with dropevent. I couldn't use it completely because of the paywall however till paywall, the user onboarding journey was pretty simple. Your landing page is an example of keeping it simple and to the point. This kind of landing page works the best. Currently, your pricing is based on number of events. Have you experimented with some other pricing strategies?

      Most of the use-cases which are listed on the website are primarily revolving around recreational purpose. There is a potential to go enterprise with this. Also, you should probably add video upload feature now.

      For eg. I think this product is a great value add for freelance designers. You can partner with 99 designs or similar marketplaces for this. All the transactions which happen on mail can be streamlined by simply sharing the link of dropevent. However, event-based pricing might not work here and other pricing strategies might have to be implemented. This could be based on GBs. There is a lot of potential for growth here. Loved your product and hustle! Let me know if you need any help! :)

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        Thanks for all your feedback! I'm currently looking at targeting enterprise and seeing how that would affect the product offering.

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    Yeah sounds good. I have the app beta live at https://www.hopupon.com

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    Hey Piyush, I would love to hear what you think of my product: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/bold-cbt-journal/id1448434338

    The app helps people improve their mental health. It is designed for people with experience in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

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    Hi Piyush!

    I just launched an app called Time Hacker.

    The idea of the app is to help users get more insight about how they spend their day. After recording for a few days, user may review their working tempo and try to optimize it!

    It's a time tracker, but not using a timer.
    I've tried using some timer apps before, but I often forgot to stop the timer after finishing my tasks.
    I also feel kind of anxious to have a timer running when I'm focusing on my work.
    So for this app, users record the task retrogradely.
    After finishing something, you may came back to the app and record what you were doing.

    I will like to hear the feedbacks from you!
    Thanks for your kindness and generosity.
    Wish you a good day!

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      Wow this is pretty cool. Do you have a live demo video to show all the cool features and how to use?

      1. 1

        Thank you! I'm still refining the UX/UI of the app currently. I'll try making a cool demo video in the future!

    2. 1

      Hi @TimexHacker, the use case for which your app is targeted at is interesting. I think most of the folks here, are always optimizing for productivity and a large part of it is knowing where the time is being spent. I am going to use it for a day or two and give my feedback. I hope that's fine.

      1. 1

        Hi @PiyushDinde, thanks for trying my app! Agree that most of IHers here may already optimize their productivity quite well. I'm trying to target at the rookie levels of audience who doesn't have good awareness of their time yet.

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    This comment was deleted 9 months ago.

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