Productivity February 26, 2020

Does anyone else feel too rushed during the day, and only able to be happily focused at night? And have trouble waking up early?

Marcos Pereira @marcospgp

I tend to feel too much pressure while trying to be productive during the day - like I'm running behind on everyone and time is too short. At night time, when people are supposed to stop working, I feel more relaxed and able to focus - maybe because it feels like anything I do is an extra on everyone else around me?

Maybe I should internalize the comparison to be with people in the US, that way I could feel relaxed during the day here 😄

I also feel a natural push to stay awake at night, and am not really able to wake up in the morning - I usually only feel rested if I wake up after 10am, or preferably even closer to noon or 1pm. I've tried staying up for an entire night to reset this, or going to sleep earlier, or setting an alarm for 9am everyday, but it is really hard for me.

I'm not sure whether I should keep fighting being a night owl and forcing my sleep schedule to change or just give up, be happy & productive at night, and wake up at noon everyday, feeling a little miserable for missing out on the morning.

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    I know what you mean. What works for me now is to reserve the first 1-2 work hours of the day for hardcore focus. I won’t check any emails or get bogged down in “urgent” but “unimportant” work. Or I don’t work at all in those first 2 hours but use my refreshed brain to learn something difficult. It’s great, you start the day with a win. I try to do the same at the end of a day, but results vary depending on how tired I am.

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    I'm the same, I keep trying to get early nights and it never works. Only problem for me is I have kids, so I have to get up early, though my husband and I take turns and I will have naps in the day if I feel I need it.

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      Thank you for sharing! I think just feeling less alone in the quirks of our personal experience is a good enough advantage of posting this kind of questions online 😊

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    This is practically my life in words! Personally, I have accepted my fate as it is. This is one of the main reasons I decided to find a remote job. My most productive times are from 11pm to 6am. I sleep all through the day and up awake around 1-2pm. I have been called a weirdo for this

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    It's the same for me. By the time I start getting productive and checking issues/items off my to-do list, it's already late evening. Whenever I'm satisfied with how productive I have been on a day, I usually end working till around 3 AM.

    Yesterday I was up working to get my beta ready till 7 AM and then I was too tired to attend the 9 AM lecture at university. It's 2 AM as I am writing this, I don't know if I'll wake up on time 😅

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    Same here. I've tried to work during the day many times, but I got distracted. So I change my habit.
    I woke up early in the morning, sometime at 3:30 am and focus on most important tasks. The rest, I finished them during the day when I've a little time - It's not easy when you have a little child and working from home.

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    Similar here! For, me the main thing at night is that I feel I am in that "extra time", meaning I can relax and just do what I like (which is often creative part of work - coding), while during the day I feel under pressure constantly (which I put on myself). What to do about it? I am not sure, but I am hoping I will manage to remove that pressure from the day and make it feel like night, because I also like the idea of getting up early, it feels good!

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    Kind of, but the opposite! I'm more productive in the morning, usually starting about 6am right out of bed. My mind is much freshest in the morning and earlier in my career when I would get stuck on something complex, I would just put it off until the morning and it would be solved in 5 minutes rather than spinning wheels for a couple hours if trying to solve at the end of the day.

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    Oh my god yes! I have a day job so I need to focus during the day, but it is so hard. At night, it is so relaxing and fresh that I have a hard time falling asleep.