May 17, 2019

Does anyone get annoyed with the fact that InVision doesn't have a simple PNG download option for the design file(s)? (...Problem Solved)

Zlatko @zbijelic

Hey guys - so for years now I have been running into an issue with Invision Prototypes when dealing with clients.

Problem #1: It's not easy to navigate and have to explain InVision every time to a new client. Even if you explain it correctly, they don't end up using the "commenting" option and still send everything in an email or a google doc.

Problem #2: there is no easy way to download the PNG in hi-res without using the Google chrome "inspect" tool.

Solution: when you are in the InVision project screen, you can just click on the chrome extension here: and it will automatically download the design file in hi-res PNG.

The app is getting a bit of a refresh in the next week or so but I would love to get some feedback.


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    can't seem to find the option to 'add to chrome'. Instead getting 'price not available', any idea why?

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      Hey @renegade hmmm... I am not sure why that is happening. Are you on the latest version of Chrome? It seems to be fine on my end, I just removed it and reinstalled it. If you get a chance to shoot me an email to [email protected] and send over some screen shots, that would be great. I can definitely take a look at it and get back to you.